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Gentle support for all of life's changes and challenges.

Trusting homeopathy is as simple as trusting that your body has the potential to heal itself.

What is Homeopathy?  Types of Coughs & Remedies,
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What Is Homeopathy?

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Featured: 3 Steps to Restoring Digestive Balance
Just in time for Thanksgiving!
Here are some simple steps for restoring digestive balance and relieving discomfort from heartburn.  Each step takes you to a deeper level of involvement in the homeopathic remedy selection process.

1-800 Homeopathy CatalogSpecial Issue - Dedicated to wheezers, sneezers, coughers and flu sufferers everywhere!


1-800 Homeopathy Catalog1-800 Homeopathy's Fall 2015 Catalog is here.

Back to Basics Edition.
The difference between singles and combinations is a bit like a hose vs a sprinkler. While the former can hit its target hard if it has the right pressure and the right aim, the latter has a good chance of a few sprinkles settling on everyone nearby.
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Homeopathy - Frequently Asked Questions


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Seasonal Favorites

Nasal Sinus #10Nasal / Sinus #10  - A perfect match for tough stubborn mucus– sinus & nasal congestion, post nasal drip, coughs, etc. * Symptoms include blocked sinuses, post nasal drainage, stuffy noses, sticky eyes, sore hacking throats and dry, wheezing or wet, fitful coughs.!



 BioplasmaBioplasma -  When you’re feeling tired or just a ‘bubble off plumb,’ i.e., a little less than level, the simplest way to help your body refuel, is this best seller. Bioplasma offers the support of all 12 cell salts to anyone any time a refreshing dose is needed.