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Homeopathy offers gentle support for life’s changes and challenges!

Trusting homeopathy is as simple as trusting that your body has the potential to heal itself.

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Welcome to 1-800 Homeopathy! (1-800 466-3672)

What Is Homeopathy?

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2014 Summer Catalog is here!  Explore homeopathy from simple combinations to cell salts and single homeopathic remedies.  Learn why homeopathy embraces the idea that we and our ailments are all unique.  Practice a little and you'll find yourself becoming more adept at reading your own symptoms and finding out the remedies you can use to help. 

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Best Selling Homeopathic Remedies This Month

(Updated 7/16/2014)

Bioplasma - Homeopathic Cell Salt Combination with all 12 Cell Salt Remedies.

Arnica Montana - Best selling homeopathic pain remedy.

Mag phos - #1 for Cramps & Spasms*

Rhus tox - #1 for Minor Joint Pain

Kali phos - Nerve Pain • Headaches • Ear Noise • Anxious Nerves*

Anxiety / Depression #304 -  - Nerve-soothing support for diverse stresses - performance jitters, exam nerves, sadness, grief, fatigue, etc. *

Ferrum phos - #1 Anti-Inflammatory Cell Salt

Gas Tabs - Customer favorite quickly relieves gas, heartburn, flatulence and diarrhea. *

Sleep #173 - Calms nerves that are too excited, happy, sad or tired to sleep.*

Hyland's Muscle Therapy Gel - Soothing gel spreads easily on sore muscles & achy joints.*

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Radiating Pain - a common keynote in homeopathic nerve pain remedies

Battling fatigue with cell salts

TLC for backaches and your back problem

Aging & Pain - Make the pain from old injuries and stiff joints a thing of the past

Skin Elasticity - A key to bouncing back from the wear and tear of aging

Homeopathic Remedies for Bloating and Gas

What are the top homeopathic sleep remedies

Homeopathy - Frequently Asked Questions


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Brain aging may be sped by shorter sleep

July 21, 2014
Getting enough quality sleep each night is crucial for a variety of health reasons from proper organ function to being able to think clearly, having a strong immune system and experiencing less muscle ache.

Dealing with oral allergy syndrome

July 18, 2014
Allergy sufferers, whether they have indoor, outdoor or both, experience a range of symptoms from sleep disturbance to headaches, itchy eyes, runny or stuffy noses, fatigue, muscle ache and sneezing.

Study finds that kids should spend more time playing outdoors

July 17, 2014
Getting outside and playing has always been a favorite activity of children, but in today’s world with so many fascinations on screens, it may be more of a challenge to pull kids away and get them outdoors.

Migraines most likely can't be relieved by surgery

July 17, 2014
Migraines sufferers may, at times, feel desperate for anything that provides relief as these headaches cause excruciating pain that's often accompanied by nausea, light and sound sensitivity and auras.