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Arsenicum alb

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Arsenicum alb


Worry & Sleeplessness • Allergies, Colds, Flu • Restless Headaches • Stomach Flu • Fatigue *
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Quick Overview

Headaches, burning pains, intense chilliness, anxious or hypersensitive nerves, restlessness and weariness dominate this remedy’s applications. Its allergies and colds have burning watery discharge and wheezing. Its digestive complaints include violent vomiting and burning diarrhea, as well as burning urinary symptoms. Many of its ailments have a burning frontal headache and tend to strike just after midnight. Restless, worried, at times compulsive or controlling, individuals who fear being alone benefit most from Ars alb’s balancing support.


Arsenicum alb (white arsenic)

Those two dear ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace left out the intense agony their victims must have suffered. Records of arsenic poisonings date back well before homeopathy tamed its toxic powers, thus it makes one of the best proven remedies in homeopathy.
     The confirming symptoms that identify the need for Ars alb include: restless worry-filled anxiousness, pale anxious face, hypersensitivity, burning symptoms that feel better with heat, cravings for small sips of water and a tendency to be very chilly. Its ailments usually begin just after midnight. If they include a fever, the suffering includes burning, dryness and terrible chills. Whether disturbed by ailments, nightmares or worries, sound sleep may be scarce.
     In first aid, Arsenicum ranks among the most important for violent, burning, exhausting vomiting and diarrhea from tainted meat or stomach flu. Patients are generally chilly outside and burning inside, fearful, quiet, but needing constant company. They crave small sips of water but purge them soon after drinking. With or without flu, it relieves burning diarrhea from ice cream, fruit or bad water.
     With its strong effect on mucus membranes, Arsenicum relieves allergies, hay fever and severe colds or flu with sneezing, coughing and watery, burning secretions. Its coughs hack, wheeze, dry up at night, loosen during the day with frothy, salty, burning mucus. Acute asthma attacks can find much relief here, but it should only be used with a homeopath for established asthma. The only relief may be a hot cup of tea as anything cold makes everything worse.
Other applicaitons include: burning, throbbing headaches that often start at the base of the nose and feel better with cool air; for skin, dry, with burning eruptions (including hives) or cracked dry lips, burning urinary symptoms, burning sore throats and burning eyes can find relief here, too.
    In the mental, emotional spectrum, Arsenicum ranks among the most restless, anxious remedies. Though important at times for all of us, Arsenicum can mean the most to individuals needing balancing relief for restless insecurities, compulsive cleaning and many fears, including losing control, fear of death, illness, poverty, crowds and being alone. When all is not well, their discontent may turn to despair.

Keynotes Headaches, burning pains, chilliness, anxious, nervous, hypersensitive nerves, restlessness, weariness dominate, allergies, colds, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea, burning diarrhea, urinary pain, burning urine, headache, frontal headache, Restlessness, worry, compulsive, stomach flu, gastric flu, tainted food, food poisoning, cough, hacking cough, hay fever, sneezing,
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Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy