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Revitalizing, balancing combination has all twelve cell salts in every tablet. *
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Invisible Fieldset
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6x 500 Tablets $9.95

Quick Overview


The #1 Best Selling Cell Salt Combination & Best Value!  Offers balancing support to anyone, of any age, any time a refreshing dose is needed. If feeling just a ‘bubble off plumb’, recovering from a vigorous run or workout, suffering from an unbalanced diet or working to get back in sync after an illness, Bioplasma can be highly restorative. It’s the only combination available in multiple potencies - 6X, 12X and 30X.


Every Bioplasma tablet contains these essential cell salts:
Calc fluor (Calcium Fluoride)    
Calc phos (Calcium Phosphate)
Calc sulph (Calcium Sulphate)
Ferrum phos (Iron Phosphate)
Kali mur (Potassium Chloride)
Kali phos (Potassium Phosphate)
Kali sulph (Potassium Sulphate)
Mag phos (Magnesium Phosphate)
Nat mur (Sodium Chloride)
Nat phos (Sodium Phosphate)
Nat sulph (Sodium Sulphate)
Silica (Silicon Dioxide)

Homeopathic Ingredients Calc fluor, Calc phos, Calc sulph, Ferrum phos, Kali mur, Kali phos, Kali sulph, Mag phos, Natrum mur, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph, Silica
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Combination Remedy