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Apis honey beeAnd also for Alleviation - of burning stinging pain, swelling and more...

Apis mellifica / Apis mel (Honey bee)

Not just for bee stings! In most people, bee venom causes mild swelling, burning pain and redness, thus the "bee sting remedy" Apis mel helps with swellings anywhere whether caused by bees, insect bites, hives or other irritants, especially if the area is red and burns. In some people, the area swells up many times its size and nearby joints become puffy and red. Thus Apis mel can help swollen reddish arthritic joints and stronger inflammatory reactions (on the way to the hospital, anyway). Still other people experience great inflammation on membranes throughout the system especially the throat, urinary tract and around the eyes. So Apis mel has applications in swollen sore throats, eye irritations (conjunctivitis), acute urinary pain and certain respiratory problems. Regardless of the condition, if Apis mel is going to help, the area should be red, hot and swollen with burning, stinging pains which feel better with cold air or cold compresses.

Other symptoms include: fevers without thirst, sleep problems, jealousy and general irritability. Whenever you are getting strong reactionary symptoms, it's best to see a licensed practitioner in case things get out of hand. This is a very important remedy to keep on hand when kids are about, as their vital young systems often go overboard when reacting to unfamiliar irritants. "We don't go bare footin' without it!"

Apis mel Keynotes & Practical Uses

Inflammatory symptoms - Insect stings, hives, rashes, pinkeye, allergic reactions, sunburn; swollen joints & glands...; inflamed membranes - urinary, eye, throat... irritation; with redness, swelling and burning, stinging pain.

Pain - Symptoms with burning stinging pain: urinary inflammation, swollen red shiny joints, ... Sudden throbbing headaches.

Hayfever, Allergies, Colds - Swollen sore throat, burning allergy
symptoms; thirstless burning fevers.

Modalities - Better in the fresh air, for cold applications Worse with heat and touch

Homeopathy 101:

Apis mel provides a great remedy for learning homeopathy.

Like cures like - the concept behind homeopathic medicine. Bee venom is a shock to the system. When stung, the body responds with burning pain, redness and swelling to try to contain the toxin. In many people this response is more intense than necessary, in others it runs out of control. Without suppressing the body's necessary response, the homeopathic remedy Apis mel, made from bee venom, can help the body address the situation more efficiently. Suddenly the body seems to know exactly what it’s fighting, so it turns off the pain, and limits its defenses to the task at hand.

Does that mean Apis mel is only for bee stings?  Absolutely not. Because Like Cures Like, Apis mel applies to a range of ailments suffering similar inflammatory symptoms. You can look at all the various responses to bee stings to see the wide range of applications this homeopathic remedy can address: Most people, experience mild swelling, burning pain and redness, thus Apis helps many hot, painful swellings and rashes, whether caused by bees, insect bites, hives, sunburn, burning urine or other irritants.

Some people experience exaggerated swelling making nearby joints hot, puffy, shiny and red. Thus Apis helps swollen, reddish, arthritic or injured joints.

In even more intense cases, inflammation extends to membranes throughout the system especially the throat, mouth, urinary tract and around the eyes. Thus Apis mel has applications in swollen sore throats, eye irritation (conjunctivitis or swollen eyelids), acute urinary pain, certain respiratory problems and stronger inflammatory reactions.

The Symptom Picture - When choosing Apis mel or any homeopathic remedy, you look for a certain pattern of symptoms that match the case: If Apis mel can help a case of inflammation, there should be redness, heat and swelling with burning, stinging pains which feel better with cold air or cold compresses and worse for heat. Apis mel's other applications often accompany inflammation including: thirstless, burning fevers that are worse with heat or motion, nervous restless sleep with sudden starts, and intense throbbing headaches better for pressure and worse with motion. Whenever there are strong reactionary symptoms, it’s best to take your Apis mel and call your licensed practitioner.

"Proving" homeopathic remedies - it becomes clear that certain personalities or states of mind (permanent or temporary) respond more deeply to homeopathic remedies, especially in higher potencies, e.g., 30x, 30c, 200c. This is called 'constitutional' work.

Just as practically every remedy has its ideal personality, so has the bee. Whether from symptoms or inborn susceptibility, this homeopathic remedy best matches fussy, fidgety, hard to please individuals who might be overly jealous or suspicious, easily vexed and clumsy. When the person is well, this can translate to industrious, team or family oriented individuals. Its children may cry or whine constantly without cause, especially when jealous of a new sibling or change. Older children and adults may show more apathy than tears. Old or young, there is a fear of being alone and often difficulty concentrating.

Interesting Insight - The bee’s behavior give us some clues to the emotional symptoms of the homeopathic remedy. It is an incredibly restless insect, and is extremely irritable, reacting instantly and angrily to any interference from the outside.
-M. Castro, Complete Homeopathy Handbook

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook
Friendly, current materia medica and repertory makes classic homeopathy accessible for self care.  This complete guide explains the basics, defines homeopathy’s major remedies for self care, and uses case studies to teach case taking and repertory skills, all in clear friendly terms. Professional homeopath Miranda Castro is an excellant instructor. 256 pp., paperback.

Apis mel Testimonial

As You Said...

Taking the Sting Out with Apis mel

Apis melMy sister and I were weeding a friends flower bed in Florida when all of a sudden fire ants were all over our hands and arms. We each had about 35 bites. Fortunately, I had my remedy kit with me. We took Apis mel right away and the terrible burning, stinging went away as the tablets melted!!! Also, my sister in law has an allergy to bee stings. She only weighs about 80 pounds. She was stung and went to the emergency room where they gave her repeated injections which resulted in overdosing her which resulted in convulsions! She almost died. She was scared to death of getting stung again and loves to garden. I sent her home with some Apis mel. 2 days later she got stung and right away took the Apis mel. NO REACTION at all. She was amazed and extremely grateful.  Nancy B.

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