Back to School or Back to Stress?

Back To School

Peer pressure, new rooms and teachers, new rules, plus tests, book reports, decisions and gym class– it can quickly add up to nervous energy, sleepless nights and tired kids. Soon it becomes the parent's turn to be stressed out, especially with current pressures to control children's moods and behavior ASAP. Homeopathy to the rescue! No chemical residues, no worries– just calming, confidence-building support.

Designed 4 Kids

Hyland's Calm 'n ResftulHyland’s Calm 'n Restful 4 Kids - Trusted by thousands of families who can now relax by day and sleep at night.

When kids don’t sleep or relax well, the days can be as restless as the nights and this can help with both!  Hyland’s natural homeopathic formula encourages calm for general restlessness and refreshing sleep whether nightmares, fears or restless jitters are keeping your kids awake. This popular homeopathic combination packs support for all sorts of kids in a range of unsettling situations.

Designed for Nervousness, Fears and Emotional Strains

Anxious / Low Spirits #304 - Popular stress response formula soothes symptoms related to anticipation or emotional strain– exams, performance nerves, worry, grief, fatigue...

Nerves don’t often know what the problem is, fight or flight, fright or fatigue, they just engage and take a lot of convincing to let go. This calming formula can help the body ease its own responses to help you rest or put your best foot forward. Whether the stress involves stage fright, midterms, work, homesickness, grief or sadness, this highly trusted homeopathic combination offers your symptoms a break– occasional sleeplessness, tummy aches, a lump-in-the-throat sensation, restlessness, irritability, diarrhea and low spirits included.

Designed for Babies

Baby CalmingHyland’s Baby Calming Tabs - Homeopathy’s gentle wonders are combined to relieve fussiness, occasional sleeplessness and irritability.

Is it teething time, fear or just fussy baby time? With homeopathic singles that can calm irritability, occasional sleeplessness, restlessness and minor irritations, these quick-dissolving tablets bring natural relief to baby and, in turn, everyone else’s ears. Specially formulated for babies as young as 7 months.


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Keys to Stress Singles:

While we can’t protect children from every disappointment, embarrassment or anxious moment, the better they process the stress and do their best, the more confident they’ll be next time. Here are a few clues to homeopathy’s singles that have strong applications for stress and its many effects on different people.

Fearful Jitters

Aconitum nap: Physical and mental restlessness, restless nights and effects of frights.

Calc carb: Needs stability and security so much that any fear can set off anger or despair.

Coffea cruda: Restless jitters like the buzz from a strong cup of coffee; overactive mind wins over sleep.

Performance/Anticipation Nerves

Gelsemium: Mind dulls with stress (draws a blank under pressure), dread of public speaking leads to a weighty but restless drowsy fatigue.

Lycopodium: Indecision, uncomfortable with new things/events, self confidence runs low in public and high at home, they fear failing but usually succeed when in the spotlight.

Silica: Low self confidence– must be perfect thus fears performance dreads what others might think; work until unable to perform.


Belladonna: Biting anger with flaring tempers; restless desire to escape but will not run from confrontation.

Chamomilla: Contrary irritability and whining restlessness; temper tantrums; sensitivity to pain increases.

Nux vom: Stress builds and restless irritability becomes angry; sleep is restless and senses heightened.

At homeopathic conferences and symposiums, the cases about kids are uplifting and inspiring. So never give up - homeopaths can help.


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