Homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of Bloating and Gas.

- Two Approaches for restoring digestive balance

Bloating and Gas

When the body sends signals of digestive distress, it is important to treat the source as well as the symptoms. Antacids tend to stimulate more acidity issues and slow digestion, laxatives are addictive, but airborne gasses are embarrassing and colic hurts.  Fortunately, your system can use these homeopathic remedies for bloating and gas and to relieve symptoms of excess stomach acid on the spot and correct imbalances over time.

These two homeopathic remedy combinations offer relief and support for the two distinct phases of digestive distress. Both are safe to take with other medications, including our other digestive combinations.

stomach acidityAcidity - Tissue C - A classic example of homeopathic cell salts combined to rid a symptom pattern.  In digestion, acidity often results from dietary errors, a lack of dietary enzymes or an imbalance in the basic nutrients. The results range from belching, acid stomachs, heartburn and flatulence to bloating and gas, strained digestion and fatigue. In stiff aching joints and muscles, Tissue C helps break down lactic acid deposits to speed relief. These classic cell salts combine for very effective relief:

Homeopathic Remedy Ingredients:

 Natrum phos, the acidity cell salt, is the star here as its source is key to breaking down stomach acid and other acids throughout the body.

Natrum sulph, the fluid balancing cell salt, helps reduce bloating and gas, water build-up and other symptoms related to digestion and fluids. 

Silica, a strengthening cell salt, eases sluggish digestion, constipation, flatulence

bloating and gasBiliousness - Tissue H - Among the homeopathic remedies for bloating and gas, this is a classic example of homeopathic cell salts combined to support an organ system.  Bilious is an old word for digestion symptoms resulting from insufficient or ineffective bile for digestion. By supporting digestive organs, the homeopathic cell salt combination in Tissue H helps improve strained digestion, and relieves: nausea, bloating and gas, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting and other indications. Its cell salts are key to optimum digestive health.

Homeopathic Remedy Ingredients:

Calc fluor, the elasticity cell salt, is also very important for digestive chemistry so it helps imbalances that slow digestion especially if hiccups, flatulence and nausea follow soon after eating.

Natrum mur, fluid balancing cell salt, aids digestion and relieves gas with burning sensations, heartburn, nausea, constipation, frothy saliva and vomiting of white slimy mucus.

Natrum sulph, the water distribution cell salt, helps cleanse and relieve strained digestion, biliousness, hiccups and sour green vomiting.

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Baby Gas & Colic Symptoms

Hyland's Baby Gas DropsHyland's Baby Gas Drops

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Hyland's Baby ColicHyland's Baby Colic Tabets

Offers temporary relief from colic and gas pains caused by irritating food, eating too quickly, swallowing air and similar conditions during teething, colds and other minor upsets. Generations of parents have used these quick-dissolving tablets to soothe and quiet babies with mild tummy aches. Of course, if conditions persist or intensify, consult your physician, but mild upsets usually respond well to these tablets.




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