Does stress ever get the best of you?

In homeopathy we see nerves as mental, emotional, physical and chemical. You’ll never hear a homeopath say it’s all in your head, or your hormones.

The body’s responses to stress reveal much about us and our animal instincts. Too often our systems go overboard trying to ‘protect’ us in stressful situations. They send us into a frenzy instead of helping us determine the best ways to reduce stress. Take performance nerves, for example: before going to the podium or interview, our adrenaline kicks in and some of us rise to the task, some of us get butterflies, jitters and fearful, while some of us become sick, dull minded and blank out. We can all blame our flight or fight instincts and chemistry for getting in the way of what we need to do.

Homeopathy is brilliant in this area providing many ways to reduce stress. It may be because homeopathic doses are so highly energized or because our nervous systems respond so well to homeopathy's intense stimuli. But when the body’s hormonal and adrenal responses to stress don’t make sense, a simple, non-invasive dose of the right homeopathic remedy helps the body grasp the situation, find composure and function logically without forcing us to feel numb or drowsy. Over time, our nerves can learn to be calmer without any dosing at all.

Ways to reduce stress with homeopathic remedies

How do I Find the Right Remedy?

Finding the "right remedy" can be tricky, but once you know what works, you may have a friend for life.

Gelsemium, for example, has expertise for those who respond with a dullness - the mind goes blank, the lines or planned responses, go out the window, and a dull heaviness makes continuing on with the exam or performance almost impossible.

Lycopodium helps the state that gets very nervous and timid, but usually pulls off the task with no problem.

Coffea and Aconite usually calm simple jitters or sudden fears.

Ignatia is practically universal for grief or when anger, fear or disappointment trigger a sighing, lump in the throat sadness and fatigue.

 Other remedies such as Kali phos, Arsenicum and Chamomilla can be highly suitable as well.


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Other way's to reduce stress

Is choosing a single homeopathic remedy too much to take in?

No problem, our homeopathic remedy formulas like Anxiety/Depression 304, Anxiety 320 and Hyland’s Calms Forté simplify the process and serve many needs, but if panic sets in, it’s probably time for a homeopath.

Anxiety/Depresion #304 - 1-800 Homeopathy's Best Selling Stress Combination offers steadying, calming support for stage fright, performance nerves, despair and anxious worried nerves. This formula’s stabilizing influence extends to nerves struggling with homesickness, grief or sadness as well. By helping the body balance nervous energy, this combination can relieve sleeplessness, irritability, restlessness, headaches, fatigue and other stress responses.

Anxiety #320 - Nature’s calming solution to jittery, agitated, restless or sleepless nerves is captured in this simple, non drowsy, worry-free formula. Whether set off by sudden frights, too much coffee, anxious thoughts, fatigue or ongoing stress, this remedy offers nerves calming, natural, stabilizing comfort without groggy side effects.

Hyland's Calms Forté - When stress keeps you awake, this popular combination can ease you into sleep. Relieve stress and relax with Chamomile – one of four botanicals in Calms Forté that have long been used for soothing nerves and edginess. Wake up alert & refreshed – without a foggy, groggy feeling in the morning. Available in caplets or tablets.