Coping with Heat

Shade, Water, Rest & Homeopathy to the Rescue

Heat Wave at the 1904 World's Fair: By July of 1904, the demand for homeopathy’s summer favorites like Belladonna, Arnica, Fever #7 and Headache #33 had Luyties employees restocking their booth constantly. Luyties earned the World’s Fair’s Grand Prize of Medicine for Quality, Purity and Excellence that year. Today, Luyties 1-800-Homeopathy still sees spikes in sales of several remedies every time Summer dawns, and this year is certainly no exception as it is hot.

The sooner the better for addressing heat-related symptoms. Finding shade, water, rest and homeopathic relief for your specific symptoms, can save you considerable time and misery.

Belladonna #1 homeopathic single for symptoms of heat-induced throbbing headaches, flushed faces, sudden minor fevers, first sign of dizziness.

Fever #7 is the #1 homeopathic combination for heat symptoms whether due to summer’s heat or an internal source.

Headaches #33 – as headaches are often early indicators of heat irritation, this combination with Belladonna and other soothing singles is always a summer favorite.

Ferrum phos, the iron cell salt, helps us bounce back from symptoms of heat irritation. Redness, low fevers and fatigue all fall within its spectrum of symptoms.

Bioplasma our best selling, all-purpose combination, blends all twelve cell salts to ease the effects and speed recovery after heat aggravation and a vast array of other issues.


Shade, Water and Homeopathy ASAP!

As soon as your skin feels parched, it’s time to find a shady tree, drink some water, check your sunscreen and add some homeopathic relief.

Burn Ointment formula (originally designed by the Keokuk pharmacy in Iowa) has surprised many a minor burn victim with its ability to soothe and minimize the effects of heat. As one reviewer says, “I keep one by the stove and one by the iron.”

Cantharis is the #1 homeopathic single for relief of symptoms due to minor burns and scalds as well as burning sensations.

Hyland’s Hypericum and Calendula Sprays can bring great healing relief as well.

Bites, Stings & Itchy Things

Cool Compresses and Homeopathy!

Everyone has their own sensitivities to bites and stings, but for minor reactions, a little ice, perhaps some baking soda and these favorites can bring soothing relief. For more severe allergic reactions, we highly recommend review by a medical practitioner.

Hyland’s Bug Bite Ointment is a must for every picnic, run and outdoor outing.

Apis mel #1 homeopathic single for stings and other irritants that bring on raised, puffy, hot irritations with stinging pain.

Ledum, the favorite for minor puncture wounds, is ideal if the area of a bite or sting is actually cold and the irritation lingers.

Rhus tox eases itchy blistering rashes, red patches and other itchy irritations.

First Aid

In general HRICE: Homeopathy, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

Arnica is homeopathy’s #1 single for easing effects of accidents, blows, and exercise.

Hyland’s Arnicaid is packed with relief for symptoms of bruising, joint pain and minor swelling.

Backache #199 can help you get back to your garden sooner.

More Greats

Swimmer’s Ear #32
Hyland’s Baby Infant Ear Drops
Wise’s Gas Tabs #413
Constipation #66
Diarrhea #334
Hyland’s 4Kids Calm ‘n Restful
QuitNits Kit

We send along our best wishes and greatest hopes for a super fun summer! 


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When Dr. Luyties started this business, there were homeopathic hospitals in large and not so large cities in the U.S.– one he helped open in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the Centennial History of Missouri published in 1921, during his lifetime, Luyties Pharmacal “became the largest homeopathic pharmacy in the world.”

When the Homeopathic College of Missouri, opened he, “for years was a lecturer on pharmacy in that institution.” When his son, F. August Luyties took over Luyties Pharmacal he continued the “steady, continuous and healthful growth of the business, which is today one of the most important enterprises of this character.”

Even after homeopathy moved out of the mainstream, and most homeopathic pharmacies in the U.S. closed, grand parents and parents taught future generations to trust Luyties homeopathy for safe, effective ways to treat injuries and ease the effects of mental, emotional and physical stresses. Through the generations, there have always been lay homeopaths and medical professionals (MDs, NDs, NPs, DDs...) carrying homeopathy’s deeper healing potential into the 21st century. Now homeopathic departments in medical schools, Naturopathic Colleges and institutes of higher learning are full of professionals working to add homeopathy to their curative tools.

Thus it is safe to say that our products are time tested by generations of customers and Luyties workers to be safe and effective.


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