1-800 Homeopathy's Facebook integration includes several features to help customers connect, share and engage with our content.

Why Facebook Connect? Easy Account Creation and Login: Facebook Connect makes it easy for customers to create an account with 1-800 Homeopathy. Now with just two clicks, you can create a new account using your Facebook login information, and with just a couple more clicks, you can link your existing account with your Facebook account. Note: It’s completely up to you - this feature is optional, you can still login the regular way.

Share Content Easily:  Our Facebook integration includes share buttons on product pages and other content, that makes it simple to share links on Facebook with everyone, or you can choose specific friends to share content with.  Equally important, you can hide notifications from specific people, should you desire to.

Facebook Comments: Now you can add comments to our blog entries and on our community page: You can choose to publish your comments on Facebook or not, by simply clicking the check box.  Click here to leave a comment on our community page!

What it is not?  We do not publish any information about the products you view or order and have no plans to add this feature.  Your privacy is our first concern; these tools are merely offered to provide social context to the site, with features you control at a level you are comfortable with.

Community Page:   The Community link displays our Facebook Fan box.  You can view our recent wall posts, become a fan, write a post on our wall, or leave a comment on our community page.


How  to login with Facebook?
  Simply click the login button, choose “Facebook” Connect and login with your Facebook account.   At some point, you’ll want to add more account information, like your billing and shipping address, to make your check out experience go more quickly.

How to link your existing account with Facebook Connect?  First, create an account on 1-800 Homeopathy using  Facebook Connect.  Then login with it.  Click “My account”, and your account dashboard will appear in the left side bar.  Click the Facebook Connect Link.  You’ll see a link that asks you if you want to link your account.  Then, while logged in with Facebook connect, you’ll login with your existing account.  It’s that simple.

How to customize who I share pages with?
When you click the "share on facebook" link, next to the "share" button you'll see "privacy settings" with a lock icon.  Click it and you can choose who you share the page with: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Only Friends or "Customize".  Choose customize to choose specific friends from your friend list, or to hide from specific friends on your friend list.