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Everyone who uses Arnica has one:

Miss B got off pain meds; Meg fell and her husband takes it too, 'just in case....'; Evann's roofer- ouch!; Catlvr's not black and blue; Ursamom's hand pierced by a nail; Drb's knee surgery patient; Linda's 4 car pile up; Sunny got back in high heels; JoJo's doc said it couldn't be the right x-ray; NBW’s 82 year old pinched fingertips; (see Arnica reviews for details)

Via reviews and phone calls, the stories and praise for Homeopathy’s favorite, Arnica, arrive every day.

Arnica has won a place in many hearts and homes by enriching lives in many ways.

While the body’s repair chemistry is amazing, it can be rather over-reactive, too. Once the pain flare goes up, adrenaline pumps, and tissues become saturated with blood, fluids and clotting agents, often causing more pain and swelling than is necessary. Giving Arnica ASAP is like giving the body a dose of common sense that tells it to relax, reabsorb the fluids and let the healing begin.

Arnica’s mastery lies in helping the body reduce symptoms of bruising, pain and minor swelling after injuries and strains, as well as helping it sort out the effects of old injuries. In a similar way, it helps ease a range of joint pain symptoms with bruise-like soreness, including minor arthritis. As muscles grow by tearing and mending, Arnica can be very wise choice to ease muscle aches after a workout or strain. Needless to say, dental work, surgeries, etc. can benefit from homeopathy’s Arnica as well. Its healing even extends to the emotional responses to injuries. If victim seems confused and says, “don't touch me, I'm fine,” instead of “I could use some help here,” Arnica encourages a calmer, clearer chemistry to take over. If however the victim is frightened and begging for help, you might give Aconitum nap first.

Arnica is undoubtedly homeopathy’s most popular, most tested, most loved remedy. As such it comes in many forms of application.

#1 Arnica Tablets & Pellets – 6X, 30X, 30C & 200C are most readily available.

#2 Arnica sprays and Arnica ointments:

Hyland’s Arnica Spray
Arnica Ointment
Arnica Bump Stick

#3 First Aid and Pain Combination

Backache #199
Muscular Aches/Cramps #44
Muscle Therapy Gel
Traumex Ointment


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Arnica has a
story, too.


A member of the sunflower family, the Arnica montana plant, aka, Leopard's bane, grows naturally in the mountainous areas of central and northern Europe and Siberia. Folklore says mountain goats taught us its value by scrambling to eat it after a fall. Folklore or not, lucky hikers used it as far back as the 1600s.


Like so many of nature’s wonders, moderation is key as too much of a good thing can cause opposite effects. In this case, homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered that, in excess, Arnica had the effect of ‘disorganizing tissues’. He knew he had found a front runner in first aid. Applying homeopathy’s first principle, like cures like: ‘that which can disorganize tissues making them susceptible to excessive bruising, swelling and pain, can bring incredible healing relief following accidents, blows, even exercise, if given in homeopathic doses.


Extensive coverage of Arnica’s background and applications can be found on the website dedicated to this great homeopathic remedy: www.Arnica.com


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