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In September of 2006, it was reported by doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital that for earaches, a "wait and see" approach was just as effective as prescribing antibiotics; yet just last month in February 2012, ABC News reported that "even though studies show that antibiotics for ear infections are rarely better than watching and waiting for kids over age 2, many pediatricians prescribe them anyway." When antibiotics are prescribed for ear infections, it is well established that children are more apt to get a recurrence as the body's own defenses are compromised and the inner ear is an ideal location for bacteria to settle. This can lead to additional courses of antibiotics, which may cause the development of resistant strains of bacteria that make infections even harder to treat.

So what's the issue? The truth is, doctors and parents alike want to feel like they are doing something. While many are embracing homeopathic medicine, most pediatricians are unaware of the benefits of homeopathic earache remedies, despite the mounting evidence that properly prescribed homeopathic earache remedies are just as effective as antibiotics when treating common earaches. In fact, researchers in India recently completed a pilot study that suggests homeopathic earache remedies relieve ear pain faster than conventional treatments. If you've consulted a physicisan and are caught up in that 48 hour wait and watch period, natural homeopathic earache remedies are proven to relieve pain and can reduce the chances of a prolonged ear infection.

Combination remedies such as Earache #31 and Hyland's Earache Drops provide general support. If you want to take a more targeted approach, the following list contains descriptions for the prominent singles used for earache symptoms:

Pulsatilla - “Constantly changing pains: ‘Everything is variable with Pulsatilla’.” - Dr. GérardPacaud, Homeopathy Encyclopedia.  

In the same book, Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology, Roger Morrison, MD, discusses the use of Pulsatilla for Otitis Media:

The most frequent remedy in both acute and chronic [please note this requires professional guidance] otitis.

Begins with a “cold” that develops into otitis media. Ear: Painful fullness or bursting sensation, especially in the left ear (however, the right ear can be affected).

Ear stopped with pulsing sensation or even pulsing, rushing noises.  Pain can extend to face and teeth.

Worse: Heat. Night. Upon blowing the nose.

Better: Open or cool air. Motion, gentle walking.

General: Usually warm and better open air.

Fever, thirstlessness, changeable condition; now playing, now sick.

Discharges are thick, bland, copious, green or yellow.

Disposition: Weepy and needs affection and caresses and wants to be carried slowly and tenderly.

Michael Schmidt’s book adds:“ This is one of the most frequently used remedies in otitis media and is suitable for almost all types of ear pain. Children needing Pulsatilla tend to be gentle, weepy, sensitive, and love to be held. They want attention and are easily consoled...

Their cheeks are pale. They feel better when in open, fresh air. There is a thick, bland, yellowish-green nasal discharge. The eardrum is swollen and red, with fluid. ...”

Hepar sulph calc - "An excellent remedy for stimulating the immune system" - Dr. Gérard Pacaud, Homeopathy Encyclopedia

In his book, Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology, Roger Morrison, MD, defines the use of Hepar sulph for Otitis Media: Acute otitis media or acute flares of painful otitis in long-smoldering cases.

Ear: Catarrh of ear leading to hearing loss.

Splinter sensation inside the ear. Often associated with sore throats.

The physician is awakened by a frantic parent and in the background a shrieking child is heard throughout the phone call.

Worse: Late at night. Cold or open air. Wind. Drafts.

Especially sensitive to dry, cold weather. Touch. Lying on painful side.

Better: Warmth. Wrapping the ear.

General: Must be well covered; especially the ear must be covered.  Sometimes uncovering even one hand or foot aggravates the ear.

Disposition: Very sensitive to pain; screams with the pain. Hates to be examined or touched.

In his book, Healing Childhood Ear Infections, Michael Schmidt offers these details:“... There is frequently a nasal discharge that is at first watery, then becomes thick, yellow, and offensive. There is intense throbbing pain in the ear, accompanied by diminished hearing.  These children are irritable and sensitive. Like the Chamomilla child, the Hepar child is cross and easily angered. They can be provoked to a tantrum with little effort. A hallmark of the Hepar child is oversensitivity to touch, cold, and pain....””

More Homeopathic Earache Options:

The Bane and Beauty of Homeopathy: There are always more homeopathic remedies available for a more perfect match. Dr. Maesimund Panos and Jane Heimlich offer these choice details in their book.  Homeopathic Medicine at Home offers: The baby that develops an ear infection is apt to have a shrill piercing cry....

BELLADONNA: If onset is sudden, child is restless, and particularly the ear in question is the right.
ACONITE: Sudden onset after... cold wind/draft.
CHAMOMILLA: Wild with pain, extremely irritable; want to be carried... worse from warmth. Sometimes one cheek is red the other pale.
DULCAMARA: Onset after change to cold, damp weather; worse at night.
FERRUM PHOS: Like Belladonna, baby has a flushed face, is sensitive to touch and noise and hates being jarred. But symptoms come on gradually. This remedy is useful at the beginning of an earache. 
MAG PHOS: Earache is worse on the right, worse from cold and at night... better from warmth and pressure.
KALI MUR: Earache and diminished hearing, with cracking noises on blowing the nose and swallowing. Person has a stuffy sensation in the ear and the ear feels closed. Also... when hearing is impaired after earache.
MERC VIV: Earache in damp or changeable weather, worse at night. Patient is sweaty and smells sick. Much saliva and bad breath. MERC –

Please note: We are not recommending you delay professional attention.  Children's ear infections can be serious and warrant a diagnostic evaluation. If you are looking for a homeopath to help end the cycle of earaches, you can visit the National Center for Homeopathy web site for an extensive list.

Also note: these claims are those of traditional homeopathic documentation and are not reviewed by the FDA.

 Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.


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Earache Drops & Other Homeopathic Earache Combination Remedies

Earache #31: This unique, natural formula stimulates the body’s own ability to clear out acute ear congestion after colds, to make ears pop when atmospheric changes demand it, and to quiet buzzing noises. The guidance of a healthcare practitioner is highly recommended anytime infection is suspected or there is discharge from the ear.

Swimmer's Ear #32:  Whether filled with water, wax or mucus, this remedy can stimulate the body’s natural ability to clear ear canals out before bacteria can settle in. Ideal for swimmers, this natural formula offers natural support whenever ears feel congested, but if infection is possible, professional guidance is advised.

Mullein Oil: When wax, water or other discharge accumulates in the ear, this soothing liquid offers quick, comforting relief. A few drops of warm Mullein Oil gently massaged into the ear followed by a hot shower or bath will help loosen wax and drain the canal of water and other congestions with little or no discomfort. For external use only.

Hyland's Earache Drops: Unlike conventional swimmer’s ear treatments that simply dry the ears, Hyland’s Earache Drops work directly to relieve the pain, itch, and congestion associated with swimmer’s ear or earaches due to colds and allergies. No alcohol, no sting, 100% natural, homeopathic and safe for all ages.


Hyland's Infant Earache Drops: The medicines in Hyland’s Earache Drops have been clinically shown to reduce earache symptoms during the first 48 hours of the episode. If, on the advice of a physician, you’re waiting for 48 hours to pass before filling a prescription, you can help ease your child’s discomfort with these gentle drops. 


Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.