What could possibly interrupt your happy holidays?

Homeopathic Medicine for a Merry Christmas and a Happier Holiday

If you are not well stocked to get relief from homeopathic medicine…
nerves could get nervy, stomachs could fill beyond capacity, and those jolly liquid spirits could go right to your head and beyond.

From nervous tension, jitters, restless sleep, and haunting memories to bloating, gas, hangovers, bumps and bruises, our safe natural homeopathic medicines are always holiday savers. But don't listen to us, we'll quote customers like you.

Luyties Sleep #173Sugar plums and fairy dreams aside, there's a lot of work and worry behind perfect holiday events. Why not let homeopathy help?

  • Sleep #173 - "Where would we be without Sleep #173. I know--awake all night!"
  • Calms Forté - "I take Calms Forte with me, and voila! A great night's sleep!"
  • Anxiousness #320 - "It also helps keep him calm enough to stay in control. Great, great remedy and highly recommend it!"
  • Coffea cruda - Jittery nervous systems can relax. - "The best at getting me to sleep regardless of how many cups of coffee or 'energy drinks'."
  • Passiflora - Simple calming support. “When I can't sleep because I'm fretting over a deadline or whatever, I take one little dose, take a few deep breaths, think a happy thought and I'm out for the night.”

Luyties Anxious / Low Spirits #304On the Darker Side

Holidays can be overwhelming and often remind us of missed opportunities. Homeopathy is without peer in safely easing effects of mental / emotional strains past and present.

  • Anxious / Low Spirits #304 - "It takes the edge off of stressful situations which allows me to function at a much higher level of confidence."
  • Ignatia - Emotional first aid when grief or disappointment takes hold."this was a major help, I could feel the difference in my energy, outlook, positiveness."
  • Natrum mur -- The salt cell salt has an uncanny way of helping us bring down emotional barriers due to suppressed grief and emotional strain. "I am a caregiver and under a lot of stress and from time to time it shows in acidity and sleeplessness. I start taking Nat Mur and it balances my body and spirit."

Gas Tablets Wise's #413Where there's fun, there's usually food and where there's feasting, there's a high risk that relief will be needed. Homeopathy offers fast relief to embarrassing symptoms as well as long term support for ongoing digestive strain– all without side effects or suppressing nature's chemistry.

  • Gas Tabs #413 - "One bottle at home and one bottle in the car - the whole family makes use of these tabs."
  • Hyland's Tummy Aches 4 Kids - "She started feeling so much better…. I'm very pleased with this product!" (Hyland’s website)
  • Acidity Tissue C - Cell salts combine to aid digestion and relieve gassy symptoms. "A couple weeks of these and I found out how natural digestion should be."
  • Carbo veg - "When... gassy, I get loud spells of embarrassing burping. Now I take Carbo veg and voilá it's quiet again."
  • Nat phos - The Acidity Cell Salt eases sour gas, heartburn, indigestion and diarrhea, for starters. "As a homoeopathic physician of the eclectic medical school I can heartily endorse this product."

Luyties Hangover / Recovery #77Flus, Headaches and Hangovers share many symptoms and thus, remedies:

  • Hangover/Recovery #77 - "Surprised me in just how effective it is for a nervous stomach and ongoing digestion issues. It seems to help with my migraines as well. Thumbs up on this one so far!"
  • Bryonia - When flu, stress, pain or hangover turns you into a grumpy leave-me-alone bear. "Not sure how it works but something clicked."
  • Nux vom - Excesses of work or play, eating or drinking can lead to this remedy's irritability, pains, gas and colds. "Nux is a great help when I have 'too much'. Too much fatty foods, too much cocktails or wine and too much stress. Love Nux.” & “Nux relaxes me, helps me sleep, and aids digestion. Doesn`t get any better than that."

We hope you find everything you need to enjoy the holidays and start the new year with your best foot forward!

Happy Holidays!


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Holiday Pain Relief

Whether stumbling over packages or having trouble hanging the mistletoe, pain relief has a place in holiday fun, too.

#1 Arnica - Always the best first aid for bumps, bruises, twists and turns; also helps pain from old injuries. "I recommend it for anyone who has pain. It really helps me." & "Best first aid remedy money can buy."

Hyland’s Arnicaid - "Just having these around gives me peace of mind as I know I have something safe on hand for practically every injury. They really work!"

Backache #199 - “the pain was TOTALLY relieved. I'm flabbergasted really! …. All I can say is it cannot hurt to try it and if you respond how I have, you'll be amazed too.”

Rhus tox - #1 for minor arthritic stiffness, achy backs and rashes. – “Rhus Tox is just the remedy for me after gardening.” & “My go to product for low back and hip and joint pain. I can't imagine life without Rhus tox.”

Ruta - #1 for sprains and strains. “Really helped with the muscle pain/strains and gave relief without side effects.”

Plus, so many more that we hope you don’t need this year, but if you do it’s better to have them handy!


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