Cold Season Calls for Homeopathic Medicine

Cold Season Calls for Homeopathic Medicine

An increasingly common viewpoint among medical professionals is that colds are a good exercise for the immune system and that catching colds now and then is a sign that you are healthy, not weak. Moreover, if you can get through a cold without suppressing all the mucus, you are left stronger for taking on the challenge.  With homeopathic medicine to stimulate your best cold-fighting, congestion-clearing resources, you can ease symptoms and bring a faster end.

The Cold Season Challenge
Whether or not catching a cold is a reflection of our strength or weakness, our bodies are capable of healing themselves so long as we give them the liquids and rest they need. The ability of homeopathic medicine to stimulate natural healing without blocking our natural histamines, drying out nasal and sinus membranes or suppressing phlegm makes it ideal for treating cold, flu and congestion symptoms.

Cold Solutions with Zinc #399Because symptoms constantly change as colds mature, combinations like Cold Solutions with Zinc #399 are very handy. As is the top remedy for stopping (not suppressing) colds at the first sneeze, Aconitum nap, which is also a key ingredient in most cold combinations. Beyond these basics, the options are plentiful.

While keeping up with matching ever-changing cold symptoms to remedies can be frustrating, the benefits outweigh the effort. A well-stocked medicine chest is your best chance for finding a faster, more wholesome end to the misery.

Phase 1:
Luyties Homeopathic Medicine Combinations: We offer a wide range of combinations for all ages.
Cold Solutions with Zinc #399 is a prime example of one designed to cut colds short early.
Colds/Coughs #40 is one of the most start-to-finish comprehensive options.

Single Homeopathic Medicines: Look for symptoms with clear, watery or thickening mucus:
Aconitum nap - #1 for stopping a cold in its tracks if taken as soon as symptoms begin- sneezing, dry cough, sore throat or even the fear that you’ve caught something, especially after a shocking cold wind or an emotional pique.
Allium cepa – Hay fever or cold symptoms with burning watery nasal discharge.
Euphrasia – Hay fever or cold symptoms that start with eye irritation.
Ferrum phos – Fist sign of irritation, weakness, dry cough, hoarseness, low fever.
Ignatia – Colds begin with a lump-in-the-throat sensation, especially after emotional strain.
Natrum mur – The mucus runs from watery to thickening; profuse sneezy runny nose gets stuffy and clogged; dry sore throat, dry cough.

Phase 2:
Luyties Homeopathic Medicine Combinations: Sinus #203 is the most popular, with Nasal/Sinus #10 close behind. Our cough options are extensive with Colds/Coughs #40, Cough with Hoarseness #6 and Spasmodic Cough #19.

Singles Homeopathic Medicines: As mucus yellows and moves into sinuses and lungs, the range of homeopathic remedies is vast. A few examples:
Antimonium tart: Wheezing or rattling cough symptoms drain energy with profuse stubborn mucus.
Bryonia: Achy misery causes irritable attitude and fitful dry racking cough.
Causticum: Raw throats, hoarseness, nasal congestion, rattling coughs with little production.
Hepar sulph: Chilliness; yellow phlegm fills every cavity it can; dry or rattling cough.
Kali bich: Thick ropy gagging mucus fills throat, sinuses and lungs.
Merc viv: Very sore throat, raw nose, coughing fits, sensitive to temperature.
Nux vom: Restless with chilliness, stuffy nose, suffocating cough, and fatigue.
Phosphorus: achy with racking coughs, raw sore throats and tightness in the chest.
Pulsatilla: Yellow-green mucus causes nasal congestion and a stubborn dry cough that forces cougher to sit up in bed but loosens in the morning.
Spongia: Dry, hot sore throats, that lead to dry, barking, fitful, croupy coughs.
Sulphur: Feverish, sweaty colds with smelly yellow mucus, suffocating coughs.

Influenza listings will follow in another enews. Meanwhile our latest Colds, Flu & Congestion mailer should have made it to your mail box last week. It’s packed with congestion relief of all kinds.

FYI: Vive la différence when it comes to cold care of all kinds.  The #1 thing to remember with homeopathy is that it doesn’t matter what we call it, if the symptoms match your suffering, that’s the one.


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Homeopathy - The Original "Personalized Medicine"

Homeopathic medicine has the ability to stimulate natural healing without blocking our natural histamines, drying out nasal and sinus membranes or suppressing phlegm making it ideal for treating colds, flu, hay fever and congestions - so long as they are not out of control.

While keeping up with ever-changing cold symptoms can be frustrating, the benefits outweigh the effort. Our defenses become stronger, not weaker, for taking on the challenge. A well-stocked medicine chest can bring a faster, more wholesome end to the misery. We hope this guide can help you make the wisest choices for your next adventure into cold, flu or congestion challenges.

The key difference from other OTC cold medicines, homeopathic medicine is about individualization, thus specific symptoms are more important than diagnoses. The more you individualize your case, the better your selection is apt to be. Combinations offer broader options, while singles offer a targeted approach. If a cold remedy’s description has more in common with your hay fever than Hyland’s Seasonal Allergy Relief, or if a single on the sinus page suits your cold better than Colds #99, follow your instincts.

Preparedness always helps. Think back to your last cold’s symptoms and make sure you have what you need if your next one strikes in the same way. When reviewing symptoms, be as specific as youcan, including what made you feel better or worse.



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