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Five product reviews that could change your mind about medicine & homeopathy.

One thing we've learned over the years, is that our customers know best. We appreciate your comments and especially your product reviews. Your inspiring success stories keep us motivated. The physical and emotional health impacts we've learned from you have been quite profound. So, we want to highlight and share some recent product reviews that we find particularly moving. If they help others with similar health issues or serve as an inspiration to get everyone to write product reviews, then we're all the more gratified. Be sure to "Like" this page if you enjoy this topic/post.

Anxiety #320Anxiety #320 - Excellent for my Autistic Son's Anxiety at the Dentist Review by Shelley B

"I use this mainly for my son when he has to go the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. The dentist visit's have for several years been extremely stressful. I found using 2 tablets every 20 minutes before the office visit has had an amazing effect on keeping him calm enough to get through the cleaning and floride treatment."

"I also use this if we are going into a new environment where there may be too much noise or too many people. It also helps keep him calm enough to stay in control. Great, great rememdy and highly recommend it!"

Hemorrhoids Wise #167Hemorrhoid - Wise's #167 - Sore Burn No More!

"Wow, this stuff is amazing! It's embarrassing to have hemorrhoids at age 28. But this stuff clears up my symptoms in just a couple of doses with no cold messy creams to put in awkward areas."

Mag phosMag phos - Great for cramps in legs!

"My mother in-law was suffering from nightly muscle cramps in her legs to the point that she could not get a decent nights sleep. I gave her Mag Phos, told her to take a few under the tongue at bedtime. The first night she had results!! No more cramps in the legs as long as she uses the Mag Phos at bedtime. She is very pleased and sleeping so much better. Thank You!"

Kali phosKali phos - Wonderful Product

"I hate flying so much that my doctor had to prescribe an anti-anxiety medication for me whenever I had to travel by plane. The prescription drug left me feeling groggy and somewhat nauseous, but I took it because flying can bring on panic attacks. A few months ago, a good friend introduced me to Kali Phos before I had to take a plane from Richmond, VA to San Francisco, CA. I was amazed!!!! I felt calm the entire trip, no panic attacks, and no miserable side effects. I now travel with just Kali Phos and I'm doing just fine. Thank you for an excellent product!"

Hayfever #059Hayfever #59 -  Remarkable! I swear by this product every spring.

"year after year using Hayfever I have seen my husband's symptoms reduced from dibilitating, unable to drive because of sneezing attacks and unable to work from congestions and swollen eyes, to noticing the season has changed because of a small itch in his nose and eyes."
"Remarkable! we swear by this product every spring."


 Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.


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2) Glance through the applications and characteristics at the top of each description to make a short list of the remedies that have a strong link to your general complaints. Then read through these remedies to find which one stands out as the best match to your individual symptoms.

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• The remedies last a long time and cover a range of applications for future use.
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Shortcuts: Certain 'keynote' details help pinpoint or eliminate remedies. For instance, Bryonia symptoms feels worse with motion, Rhus tox symptoms need motion to limber up or relax, and Apis symptoms all share burning, stinging pain. Arnica, of course, needs no shortcuts as it can be given after any physical trauma to reduce bruising and swelling.

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