In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

- On the weather in March, backaches and homeopathy

I suppose we should be happy that it's been a mild winter for most of us; but in the past week many parts of the country were slammed with snow storms and this week's forcast is calling for more.  So even in the mildest of winters, the old "cliche" is still true, the weather in March is "in like a lion."  The obvious issue is heavy snow from warmer temperatures and more moisture in the air; shoveling, even walking around in heavy snow can lead to muscle strain and backaches.  Less obvious are the more consistent characteristics of weather in March, like sudden changes in temperature, gusty winds and increasing sunshine.  Combine this with a sometimes dramatic increase in outdoor physical activity and you can understand why backaches and other muscle strains arise.  With a little help from these homeopathic remedies you can help yourself stay pain-free just in time for spring, and see to it that March goes out like lamb.

Single Homeopathic Remedies for Backaches

Arnica montana - Relieves bruising and soreness in aching or injured backs.  If this remedy were in every glove compartment, first aid box, purse, office, suitcase, gym bag, dugout... , countless hours of pain and aggravation could be saved. This premier first aid remedy has won many hearts to homeopathy by minimizing bruising, bleeding, swelling, shock, pain and recovery time following strains, injuries, dental work, surgery, childbirth, exercise... Even without bruising or obvious signs of injury after trauma, Arnica relieves the aftershock, soreness and pain that often follows. A dose after every head injury is very highly recommended, but please call your practitioner even if it feels better.  Buy Now!

Aconitum nap - Relieves numb, stiff, painful, tingling or sore backs or necks, especially if cold air triggers the pain.  Aconite's ability to stabilize our reactions to mental, emotional and physical stresses, has made it a vital component in many combination remedies and a member of almost every household and professional homeopathic kit.  Buy now!

 Bryonia alb - Relieves neck and lower back stiffness aggravated by any motion or quick temperature changes.  Bryonia relieves ailments that approach slowly, linger too long and may result from being chilled when overheated or from fast weather changes.  Its 'keynote' symptom 'pain worse from slightest movement' applies best to its swollen, red, hot, stiff, aching joints with stitching pain. Joint issues may be due to injury, strains or aging. Bryonia can be very helpful for stitching pain and stiffness in the small of the back and in the neck. Most Bryonia pains find relief in applied pressure or lying on the painful side to prevent movement.  Buy Now!

Magnesium phos - Relaxes spasms, tense muscles and radiating pains to ease both nerves and backaches.   An important key to Mag phos’ relief is that symptoms feel better for heat and worse for cold. This is so strong that many recommend a sip or two of hot water immediately after taking the remedy to speed its action. If a hot bath, hot tea, and a warm bed sound ideal, add Mag phos to maximize the relief.  Buy Now!

Rhus tox - Relieves stiffness and pain, especially if gentle motion eases pain and the floor makes a better bed than a mattress.  Other symptoms and charachteristics that indicate Rhus include: a desire for fresh, but not cold, air, a worsening of symptoms at night, a frequent desire to stretch and sleep disturbed by dreams of exertion. It applies best to chilly individuals very sensitive to cold conditions. All its symptoms are better with heat, hot bathing and dry weather, and worse at night and with damp cold.  Buy Now!

Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.



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Top 3 Homeopathic Remedy Combinations for Backaches

Backache / Sciatic Pain #199: Combines first aid injury support with cramp, stiffness and nerve relief to minimize and localize pain in injured, aching or aging backs. Whether exertion, minor injury, stress, pregnancy, arthritis or everyday use cause the pain, these quick dissolving tablets can relieve soreness, stiffness, cramps, swelling, nerve pain and inflammation.

Neuralgic Pain Tissue O - Tissue O’s essential cell salt ingredients offer nerves the fundamental support they need to find the rest and strength for healing from trauma, stress or normal wear and tear. This combination’s cell salt ingredients are indicated for various pains including leg cramps, facial pain, neck pain, inflamed joints and radiating nerve pains.

Rheumalgia Absorbent Balm - Arnica and other homeopathic support joins warming oils and deep heating ingredients to relieve a range of joint complaints. Swelling, stiffness, soreness and other aches due to injury or wear and tear, can all enjoy it.

Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.