Arnica montana: The Best Homeopathic Remedy to Prepare for Summer Chores, Fun and Fitness

“It may be said to be the traumatic par excellence. Trauma in all its varieties and effects, recent and remote, is met by Arnica as by no other single drug...” – Dr. John Clarke?

Whether off to the gym, the back yard, the mountains or the playground, the best way to feel confident and worry-free is having the healing power of the homeopathic remedy Arnica. For its unparalleled ability to reduce bruising, bleeding, swelling, shock, pain and recovery time following injuries, strains, sprains, dental work, surgery, childbirth or exercise, Arnica has won many hearts to homeopathy.

• Injuries

By reducing bleeding, bruising and swelling, Arnica ASAP reduces the extent of injuries, blows, falls, dental work and surgery. Arnica’s presence adds efficiency to healing, it does not suppress the body’s own healing mechanisms.

• Muscles and Fitness

As muscles generally build by tearing and repairing, Arnica is ideal for reducing the pain and strain of exercise.

• Joints and Limbs

“As if bruised” soreness anywhere tends to respond well to Arnica. Its presence can greatly reduce the soreness, swelling and trauma after sprains, twists and turns. Weakness in joints from injuries old or new often find relief in Arnica, too.

• Shock & Nervous States

For shock, Arnica is key if people say, “No, I’m fine, don’t touch me, I don’t need a doctor,” when it is obvious they need help; versus Aconite which helps ease shock in patients who scream for help.

The Arnica Story

As the common name of this plant in Germany is Fallkraut, Arnica’s reputation for easing trauma was established long before homeopathy refined it. Folklore claims that knowledge came from mountain goats who scrambled to eat it after falling.  Homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann, observed that in extremely large doses, the Arnica plant has the ability to ‘disorganize tissues’ therefore in small amounts, and especially in homeopathy’s finely processed dilutions, it has an uncanny ability to help the body “re-organize tissue” after trauma or strain.

Buy Arnica montana - Homeopathic Single Remedy:

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Key Homeopathic Arnica Products

Arnica Bump Stick 

This lightweight dispenser offers no muss no fuss applications of our clear Arnica ointment onto bruises, tender chaffed skin, chapped lips and dry skin. Its size makes it easy to carry the healing benefits along on outings and trips.

 Arnica Ointment

Vital for every first aid kit, this clear, Arnica-rich ointment relieves bumps, bruises, soreness, chapped lips and skin externally. You can smooth on relief for bumps and bruises and massage in relief for sore muscles and achiness.

Hyland's Arnica Spray

Often, as in cases of bruises and sprained ankles, the area is quite tender and the thought of touching it can send you through the roof.  Spritz on relief with an alcohol based arnica solution.

Hyland's Arnicated Oil

Hyland’s Arnicated Oil is an extract of Arnica in a base of mineral oil. Arnica Montana is known for its healing power for bruising and muscle soreness. This oil is perfect for massaging into sore muscles.