Aligning the body's

response to help

with nerve pain:

Cell Salts - The Simple Step Into Homeopathy

The simplest step into homeopathy’s safe effective healing, is getting to know the twelve cell salts. Most of the cell salts and the ‘Biochemic Theory’ behind them were the work of German chemist and physician Dr.
Schuessler. He analyzed human tissues, found twelve inorganic substances in common and studied imbalances in these cell salts that related to diseases. From this he deduced that abnormal conditions (illnesses) arise when there is a deficiency in one or more of the basic “salts” or minerals. Dr. Schuessler found that Supplements were not always safe or effective, so he made the compounds into homeopathically prepared remedies and found that whether applied to cases of excess or deficiency, the biochemic cell salt remedies helped restore a natural balance.

Our History and Theirs

After working with the homeopathic cell salt remedies, founder Dr. Wm. Schuessler in Germany in the 1890s, F. A. Luyties brought an enthusiasm for the cell salts back to his grandfather’s pharmacy that remains with us today.
In J.B. Chapman’s book, Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry he states: “The Luyties Pharmacal Company were pioneers in the introduction of these remedies to the physicians in the United States.”

Neuralgic Pain Tissue O - A Classic Example of homeopathic cell salts combined to align the body’s responses.
When the body sends a nerve pain signal, it turns on a series of defenses to stabilize the area and initiate healing of the injury.

Initially pain works as a warning signal to prevent further harm. Then it sends what is called an "axon flare" or reflex. This makes veins dilate around the injury, causes tissues to swell, and increases overall sensitivity in the area. Over time the area stiffens and muscles tense to prevent further damage. As always, having everything in the proper balance helps maximize efficiency and curbs the body's tendency to over-react.

The homeopathic cell salts in this combination address many aspects of pain:

Ferrum phos, the anti-inflammation cell salt, is the most important remedy for calming inflammation, reducing throbbing pains, and forming healthy blood cells.

Kali phos, the nerve nutrient cell salt, helps the body control pain signals, localize pain and heal the nerves. Its action includes calming the body’s mental and emotional responses as well.

Mag phos, the antispasmodic cell salt, helps muscles relax and prevents the spasms and cramps that can result from lingering pain.

This natural homeopathic combination helps the body find what it needs to do its job efficiently without overwhelming our nervous systems. It is naturally safe to take this along with any medicine, including homeopathic classics like Arnica to minimize bruising and Hypericum which works quickly to soothe injuries in nerve-rich areas.

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Cell Salt Reference Materials

Cell Salt Chart

Looking for a quick reference to the 12 Cell Salts.  This handy cell salt chart details individual cell salt functions and symptoms.

The Biochemic Handbook

A resourceful 127 page book offers a general account of each cell salt, its individual functions in the body, and its range of applications for individual ailments. The guide’s simple symptom repertory and index make including the cell salts in every self care plan a simple option. Written by J.B. Chapman and Perry

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