Ignatia - Just the friend we need to lighten the burden of emotional upset.

A Closer Look at the homeopathic remedy Ignatia amara.

Keynotes & Uses

• Mental/Emotional - Effects of grief, homesickness, anger, trauma or ‘overload’; fainting, sleeplessness and nightmares. Much sighing, lump in the throat sensation.

• Colds & Cough - Lump in the throat sensation (may not be cold related), spasmodic cough, chilling very thirsty fever.

• Pain & Inflammation - Stabbing nervous headaches.

• Digestive - Tummyaches or indigestion with sinking feeling.

• Modalities - Worse for stress, coffee, cold air. Better warmth and food. Onset emotional stress.

Named for the patron saint of spiritual retreats and exercises, this small tree supplies us with the emotionally and physically supportive St. Ignatius bean. In homeopathic form, this remedy treats a wide range of symptoms that can be caused by emotional turbulence. Loss of a loved one, trauma (even in the not so recent past), homesickness, broken hearts of all shapes and sizes, long, intense study periods, constant stress, in short any strong emotions that, if repressed can set off a wide array of symptoms in the body.

While it can help bring out suppressed emotions, Ignatia is also helpful in the pangs of grief or trauma - the sleeplessness, bellyaches, and waves of pain that can be the companion of turbulent emotions, and to prevent issues soon after - such as colds due to the strain on the immune system. Ignatia colds can start with a lump in the throat sensation and it’s spasmodic cough is set off by a tickle in the throat. If a fever takes over, an Ignatia type may be quite thirsty or itchy with chills. Some other symptoms may be a headache which feels as if a nail is being driven into the skull and the discomfort is made more intense by lying on the painful side. A sour taste in the mouth, hiccups, upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting which is somewhat relieved by eating are other Ignatia signs. Women can complain of uterine cramps during menstruation, constipation due to emotional stress and hemmorhoids.

On the emotional side, Ignatia works especially well with silent grief, though it also helps those at the other extreme-constant crying, fear, fright and anxiety. Ignatia types have a sensitive nervous system so it’s not surprising that their bodies react to emotional stress with twitchings, spasms, a lump in the throat feeling, nervous headaches or insomnia. Nervous debility caused fom loss, living in stressful situations, frustration and disappointment or long, intense periods of study can all be soothed by Ignatia.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about painful situations and you sigh deeply and often, this homeopathic remedy might be of help.  As all disappointed loves know, insomnia or nightmares may be your only choice– until Ignatia. Its symptoms tend to be erratic and spasmodic, they may tighten and release often as the body and mind try to restore balance. Its conditions usually feel better for eating and with warmth and worse with emotional disturbance, coffee and cold fresh air.

Whether natural to the individual or induced by emotions, the people who need Ignatia's support the most are sensitive, idealistic, and sometimes secretive, whose moods may alternate frequently– tears turning to laughter and back again. They may internalize their feelings so well that only their sighs let you know what is beneath the surface. Over time they can become very defensive, touchy, suspicious, jealous and even rude. The line between Nat mur and Ignatia for grief and suppressed feelings is narrow. One way to tell the difference is their response to sympathy, Nat mur may resent it, while Ignatia just prefers to be alone. Ignatia should be considered first when overwhelmed by recent grief.

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Homeopathic Combination Remedies with Ignatia as Key Ingredient

Anxious / Low Spirits #304

1-800 Homeopathy's Best Selling Stress Combination offers steadying, calming support for stage fright, performance nerves, despair and anxious worried nerves. This formula’s stabilizing influence extends to nerves struggling with homesickness, grief or sadness as well. By helping the body balance nervous energy, this combination can relieve sleeplessness, irritability, restlessness, headaches, fatigue and other stress responses.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Agnus cast, Gelsemium, Ignatia, Kali phos, Lycopodium, Passiflora

Nervousness #4

Whether stress, fear, grief, disappointment, homesickness, or illness tax the nervous system, Nervousness #4 is specially designed to step in before nerves spiral out of control. When touchy irritability, listless indifference or stubborn disobedience dominate, its natural balancing support can prove highly beneficial, especially if debility, growth or hormonal changes contribute.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Cinchona, Ignatia, Kali phos, Phosphoricum acidum

Tranquility #74

Stressed nerves, aging nerves, grieving, angry, tired and sleepless nerves, can all benefit from this remedy’s unique, nerve soothing formula. This classic combination provides calming comfort to overtaxed nerves without adding the stress of contra-indications or groggy side effects.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Agnus castus, Ignatia, Kali phos

“Ignatia is valuable at all stages in life, for sensitive children who have developed sore throats or a tummy-ache or insomnia after being punished or severely frightened or if homesick; for teenagers who brood and pine after being ditched by a ‘loved one’; for men and women at all ages and in all walks of life who have suffered inwardly and become introspective and moody ... suffering from ill health as a result.”

- Miranda Castro


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