Whether your memorial day plans include spicy barbecue sauce, foot-long franks, baked beans or an extra pint of your favorite cold brew, plan ahead for your weekend picnic with 1-800 Homeopathy!  These homeopathic remedies for digestive complaints will be the hidden "gems" in your medicine cabinette. 

Dyspepsia #22 - An old-fashioned title for an exceptional, up-to-date homeopathic remedy, especially as holiday feasting approaches.

Carbo veg - Quickly relieves gas, burping, heartburn and bloating.
Nux vomica - Relieves heartburn, gas, vomiting and constipation from fatty food, alcohol, coffee or stress.
Calc carb - Applies best when sluggish digestion leads to nausea, constipation and diarrhea. • Hydrastis - Helps when weak digestion leads to a sore stomach and a loathing for anything edible.
Pulsatilla - Eases indigestion when rich fatty meals or car sickness result in heartburn, gas and belching, plus the headache and restless night that often follow.

When combined, the ingredients make a well-rounded remedy for fast gastric relief that will not slow digestion.

Indigestion #178 - Two phase approach improves digestion and eases gas, nausea and heartburn.  This combination’s nutritionally supportive formula offers fast relief and lasting support for many digestive symptoms. Its five ingredients cover a range of gastric distress symptoms.

Carbo veg - Provides fast relief of gas and related complaints like heartburn, belching, flatulence, bloating and pain.
Hydrastis - Helps those whose sore stomachs make them loath food, which, if eaten, usually causes vomiting - the only exception may be watered down milk.
Natrum carb - Aids weak digestion disturbed by slight dietary errors, as when fats lead to heartburn, bitter taste, belching and sour stomach, temporarily relieved by soda biscuits.
Papain - This is made from the digestion supportive papaya enzyme.
Zingiber - Made from ginger, it relieves nausea with belching and diarrhea, especially if the stomach feels like a heavy stone.

Stomach Tabs, Wises #319 - Boosts slow digestion to relieve gas, heartburn, colic and abdominal pain. All three of the single remedy ingredients in this combination list 'slow or sluggish digestion' which is often at the center of gastric problems, but each addresses a slightly different set of symptoms.

 Bismuth - Offers relief if liquids are vomited soon after consumption.
Carbo veg - Relieves gas soon after eating with sour, putrid, often burning eructations, heartburn and/or burning stomach pain
Lycopodium - Eases lower gas with bloated abdominal fullness and colicky pain, especially from fermentable foods.

Constipation #66 - Worry free, non habit forming relief for constipation.  Every single remedy ingredient in this natural combination eases constipation and its various related symptoms without slowing digestion or causing habituation.

Bryonia alb - Relieves constipation with hard dry dark stools, especially in hot weather.
Hydrastis - Applies when constipation leads to a sinking feeling in the stomach and a total loathing of food.
Iris vers - Relieves irritating constipation with a constant urging to stool and a nauseating headache.
Nux vomica - Relieves constipation troubled by incomplete stools or a frequent ineffectual urging, and may be followed by diarrhea, especially if laxative use is in the picture.
Podophyllum - Applies best when constipation alternates with diarrhea and causes gurgling bowels.
Sulphur - Eases frequent painful urging that may lead to diarrhea, much belching and abdominal pressure.

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