How to relieve muscle pain & muscle spasms with homeopathy.

Over use, strain and injury are common causes of muscle pain that we talk about frequently, but another common cause of muscle pain and muscle spasms that gets less attention is tension and stress.  While "Arnica" is the first remedy that comes to mind when dealing with muscle pain and injury, stress and tension related muscle spasms are often better served with different homeopathic remedy selections.  Here's a closer look at some of those homeopathic remedies and the homeopathic ingredients that match stress and tension related muscle symptoms:

Muscular Tissue IMuscular Tissue I: Reduces inflammation, speeds healing and relieves pain and cramping naturally.  This spasm and inflammation easing cell salt combination gives muscles what their cells need to stay healthy. Made from the minerals muscles use to flex, lift, push, pull, repair and relax, without inflammation, pain, cramps or spasms, this 100% natural tissue combination can be taken anytime at any age.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Ferr phos - The anti-inflammation cell salt made from iron phosphate helps assure good oxygen delivery which keeps muscles strong and helps control inflammation after over-exertion, sprains and strains.

Kali sulph - The cell salt made from potassium sulphate is critical for lubricating tissues to keep muscles sliding smoothly and for getting oxygen from blood cell to tissues.

Magnesia phos - The anti-spasmodic cell salt made from the mineral muscles and nerves need to communicate coherently helps relax muscle cramps, spasms and tension.

Elastic Tissue GElastic Tissue G - The cell salts veins and other tissues need for growth, repair and flexibility.  From growing pains and stretch marks to varicose veins and hemorrhoids, this unique cell salt formula adds bounce-back-ability. Veins, muscles, bones, tendons and skin all depend on these cell salts for strength and flexibility. Safe at any age, Tissue G, offers natural support to symptoms involving growth, injuries, aging and repair.

Though we often think of elasticity as an aging issue, imagine the elasticity it takes to go from an egg to 8 pounds, or a newborn to over 5 feet. The elasticity in our veins keeps them from getting stretched and varicosed. The elasticity in our muscles, tendons, skin and nerves keeps them strong and flexible.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Calc fluor - The cell salt most important for elasticity in veins, skin and even bones helps the body restore tone and heal varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, lumbago, growing pains and other conditions that lack flexibility.

Calc phos - The growth and repair cell salt boosts nutrition and cellular activity to help restore tone to weakened or growing tissue.

Kali phos - The nerve nutrient cell salt helps the nerves stay calm and healthy while the other salts are working.

Natrum mur - By aiding water distribution, this cell salt helps circulation, stiff joints and other tissues.
Whether growing up, growing older, or recovering from an injury, illness, fitness class, puberty, pregnancy or the blahs, this remedy can keep you bouncing back. Because they are made from minerals essential to our cells, the cells salt remedies and their tissue combinations provide the gentlest, most straightforward way to help the body restore balance, health and vitality.

Hyland's Leg Cramps with Quinine PM - Keep muscles relaxed and crampless all night long!  This unique version of Hyland’s popular Leg Cramps with Quinine relieves pain and cramps in lower body, legs, feet and toes with accompanying nighttime sleeplessness. Its effective pain relief helps you fall asleep and get back to sleep at night. 

Individual Cell Salt Support for Muscle Pain and Muscle Spasms

Mag phos

The simplest, most natural way to ease and prevent cramps, spasms and radiating pains is to encourage the connection between nerves and muscles with the cell salt they depend on. Mag phos is a fast acting remedy that benefits symptoms as diverse as leg cramps, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, spasmodic coughs, colic and hiccups, as well as backache, right sided sciatica, facial neuralgia, tics, toothache, stabbing headaches and weary nerves. Anytime symptoms improve with heat and worsen with cold, it’s perfectly natural to try this popular favorite. Sipping hot water with a dose can speed its action.

Ferrum phos

As its source helps us build strong blood cells, Ferrum phos (iron phosphate) helps the body face many stresses, including inflammations, acute fevers, injuries, blood loss, nose bleeds, heat fatigue, etc. Whenever redness, heat, throbbing or fever, suggest the first stages of acute inflammation (common colds, bronchitis, joint pains, fatigue, skin eruptions, etc.), Ferr phos offers a worry free boost. It can be particularly helpful in turning around a child’s sudden fever or a young girl’s pubescent weakness.