Sinus SymptomsWhen Sinus Symptoms Get Tough...Kali bich and other Sinus Heroes Get Going.

Kali Bich

Possibly the best known hero for sinus symptoms, Kali Bich’s (pronounced Kali Bik), specialty is tough, stubborn mucus that sits thick and ropy in the sinus. This sticky, yellow to green mucus is the culprit behind sinusitis, post nasal-drip, stubborn, hawking coughs, hoarseness and pain, especially between the eyes. Even if it moves into your chest, the Kali Bich cough remains painful and croupy. Dry, swollen, sore throats accompanied by pain that may extend to the ears also fall under the domain of the powerful Kali Bich, and if sinus medications have suppressed nasal-sinus symptoms, call in this remedy to loosen up the problem.

Kali bichIts sinus headache symptoms and migraine-like pains may come on at the same time every day and start in a specific spot then extend out to one side or the whole head (bones included) depending on the severity of the sinus congestion. They are worse in the morning, at night and for motion. Like Kali mur, a white coated tongue is likely on your symptom list.

Kali bich’s sore, stitching, as if bruised, wandering but ‘in one spot’ pains usually come and go suddenly. If these pains occur in weak limbs, painful joints, a sore achilles tendon and low back pain (left sided, better walking), Kali bich is likely to bring relief. These same wandering single spot pains apply to its headaches and abdominal distress as well. Though it sounds odd, these pains may be the only relief from its cold symptoms as Kali bich’s ailments do not like to coexist.

Chilly individuals who are sensitive to cold (especially on the back of the neck), yet cannot take much summer heat are prime targets for Kali bich symptoms. They tend to avoid mental and physical exertion, are sensitive to allergies, and prefer to live an orderly life completely by the rule book. Whether your lifestyle is regulated or foot loose, we can all benefit from Kali bich’s great relief now and then.

Some Heroic Combinations

Sinus #203

This remedy's sinus relief is complete. Euphrasia's sinus troubles behave more like colds with profuse burning tears especially in the morning, plus profuse, bland nasal discharge, and often a bursting catarrhal headache that may set everything running. Kali bich is among the masters of sinus trouble when its thick stringy yellow mucus clogs eyes, ears, noses and throats causing pressure and pain, especially at the base of the nose. Hydrastis adds support when post- nasal drip and profuse burning yellow mucus lead to a dull, pressing headache and a harsh cough. Pulsatilla's thick yellow mucus may be in the eyes, nose, chest or sinuses which often results in a pressing sore headache. However your sinus trouble shows up, this #203 combination should
clear things up

Sinus Colds/Head Colds #29

All three of these remedies have a strong affinity for mucus membranes leading to sinus pain and congestion. Hydrastis is best known for yellow ropy mucus following colds that clog the sinuses. Pulsatilla colds are usually ripe ones that linger too long and often lead to sinus headaches throbbing in the temples, burning tears, bland yellow eye discharge and frequent ear congestion. Sanguinaria has a headache that moves from the back to the front to settle over the eyes and may have a roaring earache - all its pains tend to the right side. Be careful not to ignore those ears though.  

Nasal / Sinus #10

If you have tough stubborn mucus, this remedy should prove beneficial. Whether your main complaint is a sinus headache, fluent or blocked nasal passages, sticky eyes, hawking throat or even a rattling, persistent or choking cough, #10 has something to help.  Antimonium tart, a master of coughs and stubborn mucus, can help when the sinuses, or any part of the respiratory system are full. The real sinus reliever, Kali bich, applies when the thick, yellow-green, stringy mucus clogs the sinuses, blocks nasal passages, lines the throat and lungs and may fill the ears as well. Merc bin will add extra relief if there is much mucus in the throat and pain in the front and back of the head. Spongia offers special attention when there is mucus irritation, but everything feels dry and tight - blocked sinuses with bursting headaches, and dry suffocating coughs.


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More Single Homeopathic Remedies for Sinus Symptoms


Made from rock crystal, this cell salt’s source provides the strength in straw, plant stems, sponges, feathers, hair, skin, nails and bone surfaces. As the ‘grit’ remedy, Silica’s strengthening action helps many conditions that need cleansing or purging, especially in weakened individuals and disorders. When weak or overtaxed cleansing systems cause skin and congestion symptoms, Silica can help the body clear out many issues. In the skin, it helps clear acne, splinters, boils, abscesses, ulcers, corns, tooth infections, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. The colds it treats best suffer under sinus and ear congestion with dry, crusty or blocked nasal passages and hammering, burning headaches. When a winter cough will not go away, Silica might be just the solution to clearing it and all the thick yellow mucus out.  


Lycopodium can quickly relieve certain headaches: over-the-eyes sinus pain after a sinus blocking cold; a temple to temple pain; or an occipital headache at night. Its common cold has yellow-green lumpy mucus, blocked sinuses, a constant, worse at night cough, right-sided sore throat that may move left, and fever. This cold may trigger its humming, roaring ear noise.  If you visualize the prehistoric Lycopodium as a towering tree-like structure which over time has been reduced to a small evergreen shrub, you get a feel for the two-sidedness of this remedy’s personality. Its descriptions are full of seemingly contradictory terms: inflated ego & inferiority problems, tyrannous at home & timid at school, mentally sharp & physically dull, haughty & lacks confidence, driven to succeed & lacks self discipline... It has proven very helpful to children, especially boys, who are full of indecision, worry and exam/performance nerves, yet can generally perform perfectly when in the spotlight. They may fear failure, new things or new people and become shy and introverted, or learn to compensate by bragging, bullying and acting aggressively.



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