Relax.  It's Summertime... Easier said than done.

So here we are amid those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer."  That line almost takes you back to a time when you didn't have a care in the world.  A time when you could fall asleep mid day in the grass, or sprawl out onto the porch with a good book, or just hang out on the hammock and do nothing but listen to the crickets chirp and watch the stars overhead.  I'm talking about relaxing.  While we all aspire to such moments in the summer, attaining summer bliss is not always that simple.  Even if you're on the beach on a perfect day, you're head may be somewhere else. Homeopathy can help you take a calm, composed, natural step forward – so you can reach that place without chemical residues or groggy side effects.

Anxious / Depressed Nerves #304Anxious/Depressed Nerves #304

Soothes stress symptoms due to exams, performances, worry, grief, fatigue, etc. Nerves don’t often know what the problem is, fight or flight, fright or fatigue, they just engage and take a lot of convincing to let go. This comprehensive calming formula can help the body ease its own responses, to help you rest or put your best foot forward. Whether or not stage fright, midterms, work, homesickness, grief or sadness are at the source, this best selling, most trusted stress remedy, offers your symptoms a break. Don’t believe us? You don’t need to, check its reviews on our website where Sara says, “It really works!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!”

Homeopathic Ingredients: Agnus cast, Gelsemium, Ignatia,Kali phos, Lycopodium, Passiflora

Nervous Tension Tissue P - Luyties designed this cell salt combination to encourage well-nourished pregnancies, but soon found it effective for all ages facing all kinds of stresses. Here’s why it is so helpful when symptoms related to growth, recovery or convalescence need a little cell salt support:

Mag phos, the anti spasm cell salt, is essential for helping the body keep nerves and muscles in sync and cramp free.

Kali phos, the nerve nutrient cell salt, can ease nerve pains and irritation due to growth, fear or pain.

Calc fluor, the elasticity cell salt, helps when growing tissues, skin, stretched veins and other tissues need help in staying strong and flexible.

Calc phos, the growth and repair cell salt, eases growing pains and speeds recovery from injury or normal wear and tear. Also steadies sugar highs.

Tranquility #74Tranquility #74

Whether age, hormones, trauma or stress are contributors, nature has an answer to stressed nervous systems.

A stressed, grieving, tired and/or sleepless nervous system can encourage a range of agitated, irritable, moody, weary, sad or sleepless symptoms as well as headaches and irritations. This remedy’s formula can send a simple message to these symptoms: Take it easy! #74's natural relief can help your body cope with nervous energy without adding the stress of groggy side effects.

Homeopathic ingredients: Agnus castus, Ignatia, Kali phos

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Single Homeopathic Remedies to help you relax

Nervous Anticipation / Exam Nerves - Gelsemium - Its symptoms ‘paralyzed by fear’ are most pronounced when having to perform. If you’ve ever forgotten your lines while on stage, or blanked out on a question in an interview and stood there totally dumbfounded, you know just what this is like. If dullness of mind, upset 'butterfly' stomach or even anticipation-induced diarrhea prevail over any situation, Gelsemium can calm nerves to help bring out the best.

Indecision / Stage Fright - Lycopodium - Important keynotes are nervousness and indecision but this remedy’s range is extensive, especially for those who worry and battle with self confidence (too much and too little).

Worry / Sleeplessness / Can't Concetrate - Avena Sativa -  Too tired to sleep? When a mentally stressful day, recovery from illness, excessive worrying or alcohol consumption leads toward sleeplessness, poor concentration, headaches and fatigue, this very gentle remedy offers calming, soothing relief. Its applications include supportive help for fatigue or debility after illness and soothing relief for burning occipital headaches with deep aching pain. Hangovers can find relief in this gentle single remedy, as well.

Worry / Sleeplessness / Restless Irritability - Chamomilla - Though well known as a children’s remedy for calming restless, irritable sleepless babies and tantrum-throwing youngsters, Chamomilla has been a useful remedy for all ages as it covers a range of stress, pain, respiratory and digestive symptoms. The trademark symptom that makes Chamamilla a viable choice is a contrary irritability that mimics the unappeasable nature of the symptoms. If every pain is too painful, no effort to appease it is sufficient.

Worry / sleeplessness / from Overwork - Passiflora - This gentle calming remedy aids sleeplessness in the very young, very old and everyone in between - worriers, workaholics and alcoholics alike. If nervousness, worry and excitement trigger a bursting “top-will-pop-off’ headache, Passiflora can be very soothing.


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