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Homeopathy for Burning Pain

April 11, 2012 9:41:01 PM EDT

A Closer Look at "Burning Pain" & Homeopathy

One of the most important nuances in homeopathy is defining symptoms from the homeopathic perspective.  It's usually not enough  to simply use general symptoms like "pain" or even "head pain" when choosing a single homeopathic remedy.   Drilling down and finding a more precise keynote can make all the difference in getting the desired healing response.  For example, there are many homeopathic remedies for pain, including Arnica, Ruta grav, Rhus tox, Bryonia and many more; but when you sharpen the keynote by identifying the type of pain, like "burning pain", it's a bit like finding the missing piece of the puzzle, and you get a substantially narrowed list of possible homeopathic remedies and increase the likelyhood of successful homeopathic treatment.

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Ignatia amara

November 2, 2011 3:16:58 PM EDT

Ignatia - Just the friend we need to lighten the burden of emotional upset.

A Closer Look at the homeopathic remedy Ignatia amara.

Keynotes & Uses

• Mental/Emotional - Effects of grief, homesickness, anger, trauma or ‘overload’; fainting, sleeplessness and nightmares. Much sighing, lump in the throat sensation.

• Colds & Cough - Lump in the throat sensation (may not be cold related), spasmodic cough, chilling very thirsty fever.

• Pain & Inflammation - Stabbing nervous headaches.

• Digestive - Tummyaches or indigestion with sinking feeling.

• Modalities - Worse for stress, coffee, cold air. Better warmth and food. Onset emotional stress.

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