Homeopathy & Teens: Mood Swings, Sleep Issues, etc.

The beauty and bane of homeopathy is its individuality. Each teenager has his or her own traits and characteristics to look for in a homeopathic remedy.  That's why constitutional* care with a professional homeopath is sometimes the best option.  Whether you want to work with cell salts, combination homeopathic remedies or single homeopathic remedies, the best place to start is with a list:

What are the physical symptoms: acne? headaches? pale weakness after growth spurts? joint pains? menstrual cramps? etc.

• What are the mental/emotional symptoms: indifference? hypersensitive nerves? nervousness or anticipation nerves? fatigue? temper tantrums? clingy, weepy? sleeplessness?

• If you want to really dig in, make notes of what makes them better or worse: do they have to have fresh air like Pulsatilla and Kali sulph? do they wake at 3 or 4 am like Nux vom? or wake unrefreshed like Sulphur?

Then turn to your options:

Nerves & Stress

With combination homeopathic remedies like Anxiety/Depression #304, you are likely to find a connection that will help calm nerves or relieve the effects of stress in many individuals.

Nervousness #4 has a range of support for indifference and emotional swings.

Anxiety #320 focuses support on jittery, nervous nerves.

Hyland's Calms Forté and Sleeplessness #173 have many fans in the sleepless department.

Cell Salts for Growing Pains

With hormonal flux, peer pressure, schools stress and growing pains that teenagers face all at once, you can always turn to the Cell Salts and Cell Salt Combinations for fundamental support.

Tonic Tissue E combines all the phos remedies to help balance energy issues throughout the body.

Acne Tissue D combines remedies that apply to more than skin issues.

Key Single Homeopathic Remedies

Overall, the Key Single Homeopathic Remedies that apply to stress in adults, can help teens as well.  Getting familiar with these homeopathic remedies can be very rewarding.  Here is a brief look at the "Mind" rubrics from Boericke:

Nux vom - Very IRRITABLE; sensitive to all impressions.
Bryonia - Exceedingly IRRITABLE; everything puts him out of humor.
Gelsemium - Desire to be quiet, to be left alone.
Phosphorus - Great lowness of spirits. Easily vexed. Fearfulness, as if something were creeping out of every corner.
Pulsatilla - Weeps easily. Timid, irresolute. Fears in evening to be alone, dark, ghosts. Likes sympathy.
Sulphur - Very forgetful. Difficult thinking. Delusions; thinks rags are beautiful things

One other place that can be very helpful and kind of fun is the Bach Flower Essence remedies. You can find them on our website along with a set of questions under each product listing that can help you pick the prefect formula for yourself and your teen. For a shortcut, the Bach combination Rescue Remedy offers a calming boost whenever needed.

For the vast range of targeted support homeopathy has to offer, the best results come with the care of a professional homeopath. They are trained to sleuth out the best in all of us.

*Constitutional care involves finding the remedy (or series of remedies) carefully selected to fit the individual. As defined by homeopath and writer Miranda Castro: Constitutional treatment aims to treat the whole person, rather than the symptoms alone. In so doing, it also enhances the general level of health rather than just getting rid of the symptoms. (from her Complete Homeopathy Handbook)

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