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Calcarea phos

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Calcarea phos


Growing pains • Bone Growth & Repair • Weakness • Digestion • Joint Pains • Teething *
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Invisible Fieldset
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Quick Overview

Concerned parents have made Calc phos (calcium phosphate) a popular favorite. Its natural support is ideal for easing growing pains, teething issues, study headaches, fatigue and a general discontentment. At any age its support applies to structural stresses– injured bones, slow healing wounds, joint pain, back pain, weak digestion, acute simple anemia and heavy periods. Key indicators include a desire for change or travel, cravings for fatty, salty foods and an intolerance for dairy products or fruit.

Calcarea phos (calcium phosphate)

Growth spurts, study headaches, and simple anemia are just the beginning of what this remedy can help growing children overcome. Yet we can all use its strengthening support from time to time. As the cellular building block of the cell salt remedies, Calc phos aids many conditions with structural stress, growth or weakness.
     Calc phos can be a great boon during dentition, toddlerhood, growth spurts, puberty and, at the other end, when systems begin to weaken and shrink. Young children who are slow to get their teeth or walk or talk can get a jump start with Calc phos’ support. Its steadying influence helps relieve children’s get sugar highs, study headaches, and stress-related stomach aches. Children who become pale and weary after a growth spurt can definitely use its balancing influence, especially if they are forever saying, “I’m bored” or get bad attitude marks.
     At any age, Calc phos can help with specific ailments that cause or result from stress or weakness. Arthritic joints, back and neck pain that are worse with the slightest draft, carpal tunnel symptoms, tendonitis and slow healing bones can all find strengthening support in Calc phos. When simple iron deficiency, weak digestion or fatigue linger after an illness or childbirth, this cell salt can offer a revitalizing boost.
    You may find it particularly helpful for those who are forever discontented and restless. They desire change or travel, sigh or grumble a great deal and crave bacon, ham (fatty, salty food), and ice cream, especially if cold aggravates their symptoms.

Keynotes Growing pains, Growth, Study headaches, iron deficiency, dentition, teething, sugar highs, discontent, sadness, restlessness, irritability, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritic pains, back pain, neck pain, bones, indigestion, fatigue
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts:
“The personality of Calc phos is characterized by a discontent which is deep-seated and often beyond the patient’s understanding. He feels that something is wrong internally but can’t quite put his finger on what it is that bothers him. This makes him peevish and dissatisfied. He is, on the other hand, often friendly, open, and sensitive. However, he gives the impression of constant complaining, nothing is ever right or fulfilling... This dissatisfaction is associated with a strong desire to travel, to change the environment in the hope of finding, somewhere, a sense of happiness.” –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide
Adults complain and grumble about many things. Thinking of their complaints often makes them feel worse. They sigh a lot while talking and are generally restless. Children are peevish and lifeless and have no 'go' in them. They want something but they don't know what.
–Miranda Castro, Complete Homeopathy Handbook