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Carbo veg

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Carbo veg


Gas & Heartburn • Burping • Constipation • Fatigue & Convalescence *
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Quick Overview

Do you ever regret eating what you ate an hour or so ago? Gassy stomachs and the accompanying indigestion, bloating, sour belching and heartburn symptoms may all find fast relief with Carbo veg. When weakened by illness or fatigue, it can help the body relieve symptoms of  weariness, constipation, headaches, colds and stubborn fitful coughs. If the dominant mental state at the time is negative, irritable and indifferent, this fascinating single remedy may have the fuel to turn things around. 

Carbo veg (vegetable charcoal)

Somewhere deep inside that charred beech wood, there is heat enough to revitalize the weary and purify pent up gas. The shared qualities between charcoal and its remedy are fascinating. Carbo veg charcoal is the result of letting burning wood smolder in an air tight container (a pressure cooker of sorts). On the gastric side, think of opening a sealed container full of out-of-date sauce and the gas it releases. When your stomach feels like a tight drum relieved only temporarily by gas escaping in bouts of belching (sometimes quite sour) and flatulence, Carbo veg, can calm the indigestion, nausea, heartburn, bloating and soon-to-be-airborne gasses, especially if digestion is strained and rich fatty foods or milk were recently consumed. While very similar to Lycopodium’s indigestion, Carbo veg usually has more upward gas– belching.
     Now consider charcoal’s ability to consolidate the fire into a slow burning consistent heat. Carbo veg’s second and often most important work is in convalescence. “It restores the vital force in a most fundamental way,” says Roger Morrison, MD. It offers profound support for the weary who, following illness, accident, surgery, breastfeeding, food poisoning or just the effects of aging, become sluggish and very weak with much coldness: cold sweat, cold legs, feet and even breath. A critical key to Carbo veg is a desire for fresh cool air, though generally they feel cold to the touch. They may want the air conditioner turned up and a fan on. When ill, their temperament tends toward apathy and irritable indifference.
     Whether due to convalescence or indigestion, Carbo veg can quickly revive one from faintness and fainting spells. It also helps common colds with sneezing congestion that turns into suffocating violent coughs with itching or tickling in larynx, wheezing, retching, hoarseness and green mucus. As with most Carbo veg symptoms, its cough worsens toward evening and into the night. Any or all of its ailments may have a heavy pressing headache in the back of the head.
     Outside of its acute gastric symptoms, the keys to watch for are: cold sweat and general coldness that craves cool fresh air and does not like being covered; a preference to sit rather than lie down, a fear or dislike of darkness, and possibly very bad breath. In general its ailments feel worse for heat, rich food, tight clothing, loss of fluids, extreme heat or cold; and feel better for cool air, fanning and rest. If the dominant mental state is negative with alternating moods, and acts out as indifferent or harsh to loved ones (even just temporarily), Carbo veg may have the fuel to turn symptoms around.

Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts
“Two very distinctive characteristics which often accompany the Carbo vegetabilis state: 1) The first is a type of “air hunger” which makes the patient ask for fresh air or to be fanned...
2) Very often the digestion is weak causing bloating, indigestion, and tremendous flatulence and eructation.”
–Roger Morrison, MD
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