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* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Cell Salt Chart

Cell Salt



 #1 Calc Fluor
(Calcium Fluoride)

• Restores flexibility & elasticity

• Supports bone growth

Lower backache, muscle strain & Weakness, arthritic or injured joints

#2 Calc Phos
(Calcium Phosphate)

• Aids proper growth and development of bones
• Teeth formation

Afflictions of the bones, issue with teeth, growing pains, iron deficiency

#3 Calc Sulph
(Calcium Sulphate)

• Skin conditions

Wounds, acne (puberty), eczema

#4 Ferrum Phos
(Iron Phosphate)

• Oxygen Carrier
• Anti-inflammatory

Fevers, colds, congestion, fatigue, ear pain, sinus headaches

#5 Kali Mur
(Potassium Chloride)

• Aids digestion
• Reduces congestion

Colds, sinus issues, ear congestion slow digestion

#6 Kali Phos
(Potassium Phosphate)

• Nerve nutrient

Nervous or stress headaches, backache, neuralgic pain,

#7 Kali Sulph
(Potassium Sulphate)

• Supports perspiration & respiration balance
• Maintains healthy hair

Skin & scalp conditions, Stiffness in joints

#8 Mag Phos
(Magnesium Phosphate)

• Relaxes spasms of the nerves & muscles
• Relieves radiating neuralgic pains

Muscle spasms, backache, headaches, menstrual cramps

#9 Nat Mur
(Sodium Chloride)

• Maintains a proper degree of moisture throughout the system
• Aids nutrition

Water distribution problems, dry skin & chafing, headaches, constipation

#10 Nat Phos
(Sodium Phosphate)

• Acid neutralizer
• Aids in the proper functioning of the digestive organs
• Reduces uric acid build-up in
the joints

Stiff muscles & joint, colic. Nausea/vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea

#11 Nat Sulph
(Sodium Sulphate)

• Aids water distribution/elimination
• Supports liver and kidney function
• Supports respiratory system

Sluggish digestion, nausea, gas, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, influenza, shortness of breath

#12 Silica
(Silicon Dioxide)

• Skin cleanser
• Perspiration balancer

Chronic skin conditions, scars, acne, weak nails, excessive perspiration

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