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Debility - Tissue B

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Debility - Tissue B


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Quick Overview

Phosphorus plays a vital role in tissues and chemical connections- when they are out of sync, so are we. This gentle formula combines the three basic phosphate cell salts (calcium, iron and potassium) most closely related to minerals that are essential for strong effective blood cells, growth, repair, recovery, and healthy nervous systems. Thus the list of symptoms in its spectrum is quite extensive including: pain, fatigue, restlessness, physical tiredness, minor irritations, low fevers and various symptoms related to teething, puberty, aging and physical or mental stresses at any age.

The three phosphate cell salts in this combination can offer gentle support to everyone when stress or recovery challenges mental and emotional fortitude.

• Kali phos - The nervous sytem's nutrient cell salt helps balance stress by relieving symptoms of restlessness, fatigue, sadness or sensitivity related to pain.
• Calc phos - The cell salt for symptoms related to growth, repair, recovery and excess physical or mental stress (studying) including pain, fatigue, headaches, pain, weak digestion and a general discontent.
• Ferrum phos - The iron and fever cell salt helps reduce symptoms of red irritations, minor low fevers, general fatigue, heat irritation, minor injuries, etc.

• FYI - Calc phos and Ferrum phos together make a great pair when the blood has been taxed (whether by growth, injury, menstuation or poor assimilation of nutrients), because calcium phosphate (Calc phos) is necessary for building strong cells and iron phosphate (Ferrum phos) is required for carrying the oxygen to where it is needed.

If weary from work, growth, stress or illness, this remedy offers a gentle lift. Natural, effective and worry free! Because they are made from minerals vital to our cells, these cells salts provide the gentlest, most straightforward way to restore balance, health and vitality.

Homeopathic Ingredients Calcarea phos, Ferrum phos, Kali phos
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Combination Remedy