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Magnesia phos

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Magnesia phos


#1 for Cramps • Leg & Menstrual Cramps • Radiating Pains • Back Pain • Colic *
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Quick Overview

The simplest, most natural way to ease and prevent cramps, spasms and radiating pains is to encourage the connection between nerves and muscles with the cell salt they depend on. Mag phos is a fast acting remedy that benefits symptoms as diverse as leg cramps, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, spasmodic coughs, colic and hiccups, as well as backache, right sided pain along the sciatic nerve, facial nerve pain, tics, toothache and stabbing headaches. Anytime symptoms improve with heat and worsen with cold, it’s perfectly natural to try this popular favorite. Sipping hot water with a dose is known to speed its action.

Magnesium phos (Magnesia phosphate)

If you feel tight, tense, in a knot, then think Mag phos, and relax. The biochemist/physician who established the cell salts, Wilhelm Scheussler advised us that an imbalance in our magnesium causes nerves and muscles to get out of sync. They cramp, spasm and shoot off pains. As phosphorus is vital to many chemical reactions in the body, the phosphate in this compound is equally vital. Found in muscles, nerves, brain tissue, spinal marrow and teeth, the compound magnesium phosphate is vital to proper communication throughout the body.

Mag phos aids many symptoms that occur when nerves and muscles cannot cooperate these include leg cramps, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain or colic, backache, writer’s cramps, muscular tension, hiccoughs, tics, twitches, certain cases of urinary leaking at night and other cramp symptoms. For pain, Mag phos specializes in radiating pains, but applies well to shooting, stabbing pains as well. It can be very useful for stabbing headaches, backache, back pain, facial pain, toothache and right-sided ear pain.

Now for the big IF: an important key to Mag phos’ relief is that symptoms feel better for heat and worse for cold. This is so strong that many recommend a sip or two of hot water immediately after taking the remedy to speed its action. If a hot bath, hot tea, and a warm bed sound ideal, add Mag phos to maximize the relief.

Keynotes Cramps, Cramping pain, Spasms, Pain, Nerve pain, Facial neuralgia, Face pain, Menstrual cramps, Backache, Back spasms, Back pain, Sciatica, Stabbing Pain, Writer's cramps, Twitching muscles, Leg cramps, Charlie horse, Muscle pain, Muscle tension, Toothache, Colic, Bedwetting, Hiccups, Hiccoughs
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Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts

Robin Murphy's Homeopathic Remedy Guide gives us:
"Magnesia phosphorica has been nicknamed 'the homeopathic aspirin' because of its success with curing minor aches and pains."
On the mental side he lists:
“'Anxious'. Very forgetful. Always talking of her pains. Indisposition to study, to mental work. Drowsiness on every attempt to study. Dullness and inability to think clearly. Talks to himself constantly or sits in moody silence.“
– Robin Murphy, ND