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* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Ferrum phos

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Ferrum phos


#1 Anti-Irritation Cell Salt • Minor Fever • Colds • Fatigue • Throbbing Pain • Redness • Pale Skin • Menstrual Symptoms *
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Quick Overview

Between the fact that it is made from a mineral compound which helps the body build strong blood cells and that its most prominent symptom is a 'lack of notable symptoms', this cell salt is a very helpful companion. Biochemist Wm. Scheussler who pioneered the cell salt remedies, advised we use Ferrum phos (iron phosphate) to help the body face many stresses, from fevers and headaches to minor joint pains and menstrual symptoms– especially if general fatigue is a common symptom.

Ferrum phos' key symptoms and indications for use include: redness, heat, throbbing or fever, minor irritations along with sore red throat, toothache, minor ear pain, common colds, minor joint pains, skin eruptions, etc. It can be helpful for heat or sun-induced headaches and other headaches with shooting or throbbing pains that feel better with an ice pack. Its applications extend to vomiting of undigested food as well as minor urinary irritation which may include occasional leakings, esp. at night. Ferrum phos can be particularly helpful in turning around a child’s sudden, but low, fever or a young girl’s pubescent weakness. Those who can benefit the most from Ferrum phos tend to be pale, but flush easily. Pale young girls and teens get special attention in its listings.

Ferrum phos (iron phosphate)
Insights from the Experts
“In constitutional cases we find both Phosphorous and Ferrum characteristics. The patient is generally thin, often with a slight flush. He is open natured, alert and has abundant ideas.”   –Roger Morrison, Desktop Guide
Patient believes he must do his best to be allowed to study or keep his friends. Such patients do give their best and work hard. They have the feeling they must take care of their friends and siblings, defend their friends. Homesickness. Intense compassion. Hypersensitivity, sensitive to noise. Concentration is weak, forgetfulness. Discontentment, irritability. [Anxiousness] especially at night. Fears: death; thunderstorms; crowds...
    –Almut Brandl, MD,  Homeopathy pocket

More Detailed Description:

What do you say about a remedy whose main characteristic is lack of characteristics?  Extremely useful!
    As its designer, Dr. Scheussler, defined it, Iron phosphate is key for strong oxygen carrying blood cells and thus the homeopathic remedy helps the body maintain well equipped blood cells in the face of many stresses. These include fevers, redness, irritated tissues, injuries, loss of body fluids, “local congestions”, illness, etc., especially if the sufferer is pale, but flushes easily, and has general fatigue. It does its best work in the first stage of red irritations of all types–turning around a child’s sudden fever, discouraging minor ear pains from becoming congestions or cutting off colds before they fully develop. Whenever symptoms like redness, heat, throbbing or low fever, suggest minor irritations (sore red throat, toothache, red eye, ear pain, common colds, skin eruptions, etc.), Ferr phos helps the body resolve the problem quickly. 
    Ferr phos does have a few more specific applications. The shooting or throbbing headaches it relieves are better with an ice pack, especially if sun-induced. Stiff irritated joints can benefit, especially if only one joint tends to be irritated at a time. If the right shoulder joint has pains that extend through the arm or chest, Ferrum phos can be particularly beneficial (after an evaluation by a professional practitioner). Stomachs that vomit undigested food can appreciate Ferrum phos as can certain cases of incontinence and urinary leaks at night.
   Ferrum phos can be a gentle restorative after minor injuries or damage to tissues such as bruises, dental work, surgeries or menstrual cycles. Pale young girls often respond well to its care.
    Cases needing Ferrum phos’ care most, catch cold easily and tend to be pale, but flush easily. Nervous, sensitive, timid individuals may find extra strength in this gentle, friendly cell salt. When symptoms are scarce but something is not right, it’s nice to know you can always turn to this remedy for safe, simple, worry free support.

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Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy