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Skin Irritation • Congestions & Colds • Indigestion • Headaches *
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Invisible Fieldset
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Quick Overview

Sulphur is a powerful comprehensive remedy that can be very cleansing and revitalizing. Weakened or congested systems often need Sulphur for: • Dry, scaly, itchy skin. • Feverish, sweaty colds with yellow mucus, suffocating coughs and congested ears. • Indigestion with offensive flatulence and morning diarrhea. • Unrefreshing sleep. • Hot, bursting headaches that feel very constricted and full. Constitutionally it suits a wide range of people who care little about cleanliness, may become idle with stress or boredom, and may ask “why” endlessly.

Sulphur  (sublimed sulfur)

Though often characterized as the absent minded, messy, bath-hating philosopher, or the child who never stops asking ‘Why?’, Sulphur has many acute applications for all of us.
     Sulphur covers the gamut of ailments head to toe. One of its main applications is for skin problems, particularly dry, scaly, generally unhealthy skin that suppurates easily. It can also help with acne and sores, red orifices and hemorrhoids, and itchy skin or patches which burn when scratched and are aggravated by heat.
       Its range of cold and hay fever symptoms include: itching burning watery eyes; feverish, sweaty colds with persistent offensive yellow mucus in sore, red nasal passages; suffocating coughs and sinus irritation. Its ear congestion often causes ears to be very red.
     In the digestive field, it helps with nausea, acidity, heartburn, offensive flatulence and morning diarrhea. Great appetites for sweets, chocolate, fats, spicy food, cold water and beer may suggest a serious Sulphur case.  
       Sulphur’s sleep may be disturbed by cold, restlessness or nightmares. If after a few good hours, the night is a string of naps leaving you unrefreshed and drowsy in the afternoon, that’s a Sulphur sleep. Its headaches feel very constricted, hot and full with burning, bursting pain in the forehead and at the vertex (top) and may have the typical Sulphur indigestion.  
     Among its trademarks are local burning or throbbing pain and congestion; flushes of heat, aversion to water, dryness, red orifices, recurring complaints, excessive sweating and offensive discharges. Its symptoms tend to improve in dry warm weather but worse with warmth of bed. Sulphur is a powerful remedy that can bring things to the surface (suppressed skin conditions included).
     As for the ‘Sulphur Type’, there are many. It covers quite a spectrum of traits and personalities from the robust to the emaciated, from the generous to the most miserly, the outspoken critic and the spokesperson for humanity. From the drunkard, dirty, wise-fool of Shakespeare’s Falstaff to the knowledgeable intense egoist Sherlock Holmes, some of the greatest characters in literature and history come under the wide range of Sulphur egos. Whether full of themselves or of concern for their families and health, Sulphurs tend to lack the practical nature that guides most of our daily lives. In homeopathic care, Sulphur is often used when the true ‘similimum’ is not working.

Keynotes Skin symptoms, Acne, Eruptions, Unhealthy skin, Dry Skin, scaly skin, Dandruff, Hayfever, Colds, Yellow mucus, Ear congestion, Coughs, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Flatulence, Gas, Fatigue, Headache bursting, Unclean, Nightmares, Restlessness, Unrefreshing sleep, Throbbing pain, Sweating, Bad breath,
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts:
“There are two main types of personalities for this remedy:
1) The philosophical type who has great intellectual interest but poor connection with friends and family....
2) The “practical idealist” whose main focus is on service and social interaction... extroverted, friendly, charming...”
“Women. The female Sulphur patient may not show the same personality... Though she may be egotistical and intellectual, often she seems to have a greater focus on business and practical matters... highly competent, busy, alert.”
–Roger Morrison
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Sulphur in our Chemistry
The Sulphate Cell Salts
All three of the sulph compounds in the cell salts are key cleansing nutrients.
• Calc sulph specializes in cleaning yellow mucus or discharge from skin and glands.
• Kali sulph helps when yellow mucus settles in eyes, ears, noses, lungs or skin sores.
• Nat sulph cleans fluids aiding kidney and liver function - bilious headache, colic, diarrhea, even old head injuries.