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Fear of Downward Motion • Ear Noises • Motion sickness • Minor Thrush • Occasional Sleeplessness *
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Invisible Fieldset
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Quick Overview

Dread of downward motion is a hallmark indicator for this remedy. When the downward parts of waves cause sea sickness, driving over hills leads to car sickness, and roller coasters are not an option, Borax makes a great travel companion. Borax is often called on for easing minor thrush symptoms as well: oral thrush with white spots, thrush in breastfeeding moms and minor symptoms of vaginal thrush included. Other applications include symptoms of: occasional sleeplessness, screaming with scary dreams, ear pressure (including on planes), ears sensitive to slightest noise, minor dizziness; diarrhea with burning sensation.  Individuals who need Borax most often tend to be serious, nervous, easily frightened and may be irritable before passing a stool or urinating. Symptoms tend to feel better in the late evening and in cold weather and worse with downward or upward motion, rocking, getting chilled, sudden noises, warm weather and fruit.

 Borax (boric acid)

This specialist in relieving motion sickness and thrush bears the trademark indication "dread of downward motion". Thus it can bring much support to those who dread flying, babies who have issues with being carried or rocked, and a variety of unhappy travellers. As a travel companion, Borax relieves motion sickness, ear popping issues, dizziness or fear (especially when going downward).



Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy