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Bryonia alb

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Bryonia alb


Headaches & Hangovers • Joint Pain & Backaches • Achy Colds / Flu • Worse with Motion *
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Quick Overview

If darkness, silence and no motion are preferred when ill or in pain, this remedy may be your first choice for diverse symptoms: miserable flus with body aches and lingering painful coughs; intense pains that want pressure but not motion including bursting headaches, migraines or hangovers; plus red joints (minor sprains or arthritis), stiff necks, whiplash, low back pains; constipation, gas and heartburn. Slow onset, an irritable attitude and ‘worse for any motion’ are trademarks for all its woes. Reliable individuals driven to succeed may glean the most from Bryonia.

Bryonia alb (wild hops)

Bryonia was given the nicknames ‘grumpy bear’ and ‘hangover’ remedy because it applies best when stress or illness sets off a grumpy irritabilty that refuses comfort and does not want to be spoken to, bothered or moved in any way.
     Bryonia relieves ailments that approach slowly, linger too long and may result from being chilled when overheated or from fast weather changes. Its slow moving flu and colds are marked by dryness. They have a dry, hacking cough with stitching pains, deep-aching, chill-ridden fever, great thirst for cold water, dry throat and a “don’t touch me, leave me alone” growl. The constipation or flatulent food induced nausea that Bryonia relieves may have this same general demeanor and much pressure after eating. Gastric flu with a bitter taste and aching in the stomach relieved only by belching may find relief here, too. Any of these may lead to a state of great fatigue in which the slightest exertion seems too much.
     Bryonia has earned much fame by relieving intense, bursting, frontal headaches and migraines that may build to cover the whole head and do not want to be moved or jarred in any way. They feel best when buried under a pillow in a dark room. These headaches accompany most Bryonia ailments.
    Its 'keynote' symptom 'pain worse from slightest movement' applies best to its puffy, red, hot, stiff, aching joints with stitching pain. Joint issues may be due to injury, strains or aging. Bryonia can be very helpful for stitching pain and minor stiffness in the small of the back and in the neck. Most Bryonia pains find relief in applied pressure or lying on the painful side to prevent movement.
      Constitutionally, Bryonia applies best to reliable, tidy individuals who are driven to succeed by a need for financial security. If their effort fails, grumpy irritability and sadness can dominate. They approach life and work methodically without letting emotions get in the way.

Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts:
“People firmly rooted in the material world, objective and business-like, not hindered by much emotion... stock-brokers, businessmen. They are sober, methodical, censorious, reliable, economical and dry. When lacking this sure ground, they become irritable, anxious and sad.”
-F. Vermuelen, condensed
Synoptic Materia Medica