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* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Back & Joint Pain • Coughs & Colds • Urinary & Digestion • Anxious Foreboding • Restlessness *
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Invisible Fieldset
Size & PotencyPriceQty
6x 500 Tablets $12.00
30x 500 Tablets $12.00
30c 160 Pellets $9.99
200c 160 Pellets $9.99

Quick Overview

This classic single offers healing relief for a range of pains marked by a burning sensation, including: minor pains and arthritic irritations in joints, necks and backs, muscular pains; blistering skin eruptions; sharp tearing headaches; raw throats and rattling night coughs; urinary issues, bloating, constipation and hemorrhoids; progressive weakness. Issues of insecurity, anxious forebodings, long lasting grief, worry, sadness and restless sleep mark Causticum’s more stressed constitutional applications.

Causticum is made from a very technical chemical process that Hahnemann worked out. It involves treating lime with potassium bisulphate.

Waiting for the next shoe to fall? Causticum's emotional picture often includes anxious forebodings, long lasting or suppressed grief or a sensitivity or sympathy to the grief or injustice that others suffer with a tendency to think the glass half empty.


Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy