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Hepar sulph

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Hepar sulph


Coughs & Colds • Chilly Flu & Fever • Diverse Congestions– Ear, Sinus, Skin & Glands *
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Quick Overview

When chilliness and yellow phlegm dominate, this remedy helps the body clear diverse congestions including sinus pressure, swollen splinter-like sore throats, dry or rattling coughs, chilly flu and acute ear pain. Its support for weak skin symptoms include acne, sores and eruptions. Constipation, stomach catarrh and indigestion can all find it cleansing, as well.

Hepar sulfuis calcareum (Hahnemann's calcium sulph)

 This remedy is good at turning around suppurative skin and cold symptoms, especially if chilliness is present. When your little bundle of joy turns into a bundled up irritable case of cough, chilly flu, ear pain* or cold symptoms, this remedy should be considered. If things are stopped up, it can start the faucet flowing whether sinuses, phlegm, stomach catarrh or skin issues are involved. Individuals whose every cold ripens and every sore suppurates can gain the most from this remedy.   
     The Hepar sulph patient becomes very sensitive to touch, cold and pain whether suffering from its chilly flu, hay fever or cold. These may include: a nasty cough (dry choking to rattling suffocating), sore throat irritation, hoarseness, yellow mucus, fever, possible ear pain*, a desire to be wrapped up warmly and seemingly excessive irritability.
     Aconite is always touted for minimizing colds after a cold wind, but if every cold wind leaves you stopped up or flowing with phlegm that quickly turns yellow, you may need the solid support of Hepar sulph. Though very similar to the pure cell salt Calc sulph, this remedy (made by heating sulphur with the white interior of oyster shells, Calc carb) tends to help open congestion or abscesses at an earlier stage than Calc sulph’s cleansing properties.  
     Hepar sulph promotes healing in skin ailments including: abscesses, sores, acne, cold sores, deep cracks in hands and feet, or gum/teeth issues. Some materia medica sources suggest low potencies in skin applications to promote quick drainage.
     The individuals needing Hepar sulph most lack internal heat, are easily offended, can get violently angry especially regarding rudeness or causes. They may become quite morose, sad and highly irritable, especially at night. Though not highly active, they may speak, eat and act out quickly and impulsively. In general, if highly sensitive to cold, pain, and touch, you might want to examine Hepar sulph, especially if cold air feels threatening.  

*As M. Schmidt, in his book Healing Childhood Ear Infections, says it is for earache when “symptoms have progressed... in the middle ear,” this we strongly suggest you consult a healthcare practitioner for this application.

Keynotes Coughs, Colds, Flu, Chills, Fever, Hay fever, Congestions, Ear congestion, Sore throat, Throat Pain, Nasal Congestion, Sinus congestion, Sinus pain, Skin symptoms, Acne, Sores, Sore throat, Stomach pain, Constipation, Indigestion
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts:
“This is one of the chilliest remedies in the Materia Medica. Hepar types hate the cold, especially dry cold and because they lack internal warmth they catch colds more easily than other more resilient people. When sick they are so sensitive to cold that if a part of the body escapes the bedclothes– a hand or a foot – they feel worse and start to cough and sneeze."
"Over-sensitivity is a special feature that runs throughout this remedy... When sick they are extremely difficult.” –Miranda Castro, The Complete
Homeopathy Handbook