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Little People Kit

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Little People Kit


The perfect dozen for your bundles of joy. *
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Quick Overview

Enjoy the worry-free comfort of having the basic remedies you need for every bump, bruise, sneeze, tummyache, tantrum, fever and toothache. We designed this lightweight, go-anywhere kit so that you are prepared for all the challenges ahead with little people in your life. Four combinations, seven singles, and an Arnica Bump Stick, plus a simple guide card, tuck neatly in a black nylon pouch.

This Lightweight Kit Contains 11 durable amber plastic bottles of 125 tablets and an 8 gram Arnica Bump Stick.  All are great for babies, but everyone in the family can use them. Makes a great gift for baby showers.

4 Essential Combinations:
Baby Tabs W#302 - Perfect baby combination eases growing pains, teething, colic...
Teething Tabs #30 - Safe, natural combination soothes irritation and eases nerves. 
Colic #81 - A worry free way to calm colic, tummyaches and diarrhea.
Insomnia Tissue A - Gentle calming cell salts combine to ease restlessness.

7 Carefully Selected 6X Singles that apply to colds, fevers, bruises, colic and more:
• Aconite - Colds, sneezes, sudden fears and sleeplessness.
• Arnica - Essential first aid remedy reduces bruising and bleeding
• Belladonna - Sudden fevers, inflammations and heat issues.
• Calc phos - Aids growth and repair, eases growing pains, sugar highs, study headaches.
• Chamomilla - Relieves colic, teething pain, sleeplessness, irritability, cold symptoms.
• Colocynthis - Relieves colic, cramping pain, vomiting and diarrhea.
• Ferrum phos - Anti-inflammatory cell salts eases acute fevers, inflammations and irritations.

And 1 Ointment:
• Arnica Bump Stick - Topical relief for bumps and bruises.

Plus a helpful insert with basic applications, all in a tidy black nylon carrying case.

Homeopathic Ingredients Insomnia Tissue A Baby Tabs Wise¹s #302 Teething Tabs #30 Aconite 6x Arnica 6x Belladonna 6x Calc phos 6x Chamomilla 6x Colocynthis 6x Ferrum phos 6x Colic #81 Arnica Bump Stick
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Homeopathic Kit