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Rhus tox

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Rhus tox


#1 for Joint Stiffness & Pain • Irritations • Rashes & Hives • Pain Improves with Motion *
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Quick Overview

Stiff joints, backs and nerve pains which need gentle motion can depend on this classic remedy’s safe healing benefits. It has a special affinity for easing a variety of iirritations including blistering itchy rashes, hives, acute eye issues, cold sores, raw sore throats and colds. Restless worried nerves, headaches and nervous fatigue can find it soothing as well. Rhus tox applies best when symptoms improve with heat and worsen at night and in damp cold weather.

Rhus toxicodendron (poison oak)

For all the individuals plagued by this plant’s nasty summer rashes, take solace in that poison ivy’s remedy can relieve much more– skin rashes, joint pain, various inflammatory symptoms, headaches and cold symptoms included.
     Rhus ranks among the best for easing stiff joints with tearing pains, swelling, redness, sprains, etc.. It earned the title “Rusty Gate Remedy” by relieving joint and back pains that hurt on initial movement but improve after limbering up– just like an old gate that squeaks at first but quiets down after a few swings. Also like the rusty gate, these joints do not like cold damp weather– they can be great storm predictors. For back relief, Rhus specializes in strain or injury, stiff necks, lower back pain, lumbago, even nerve pains, especially if they feel better lying on a hard surface, walking or bending backwards. Similar joint pain shows up in Rhus’ flu or fever along with a dry swollen throat, hoarseness, chills and much weariness and fatigue.
   For skin, Rhus tox soothes itching, blistering rashes and red patches whether due to poison ivy, other irritants or hives, especially if symptoms worsen with getting wet or cold. Rhus' ability to calm a variety of irritations extends to soothing eye irritations, swollen eyelids and skin outbreaks, as well as facial swelling and heavy, painful-to-touch occipital headaches.
    Whether induced by pains, irritations or other stresses, cases with extreme restlessness, anxious nerves and a sense of helplessness can find additional relief in Rhus tox. Other symptoms and charachteristics that indicate Rhus include: a desire for fresh, but not cold, air, a worsening of symptoms at night, a frequent desire to stretch and sleep disturbed by dreams of exertion. It applies best to chilly individuals very sensitive to cold conditions. All its symptoms are better with heat, hot bathing and dry weather, and worse at night and with damp cold.

Keynotes Joint pain, Stiff Joints, Achy Joints, Stiffness, Back pain, Knee pain, Hip pain, Neck pain, Hand pain, Body Aches, Redness, Irritations, Swellings, Redness, Rashes, Poison ivy, Hives, Flu, Headache, Fever, Cold sores, Inflammatory Symptoms
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts:
Though applied more often on the basis of its pains and irritation, Rhus does have constitutional elements that increase its applications for certain individuals. Here are a few insights:

Mentals for Rhus tox: “Joking, restless, cheerful patients. Mind restless; jumps from subject to subject. Irritability. Impatience. Hurried... Timid. Self-conscious...Superstitious; ritualistic; fixed ideas. Compulsive disorder.”
–Roger Morrison, Desktop Guide

Though not exclusive, an interesting tidbit:
“APPREHENSION at night... Has to be on guard [e.g. on account of unpredictable behaviour of husband - ‘I have found that the wife of an alcoholic usually requires Rhus tox’.”
- Sankaran].
– Frans Vermeulen, Synoptic Materia Medica

On Comparison:
The Most Common Singles for Joint Pain
Arnica - Reduces initial swelling and bruising after twists, sprains and other trauma. ARNM
Berberis vulg - Sharp sudden radiating pain (arthritic, sciatic..). BERB
Bryonia - Swollen or stiff joints & backs that feel worse with any movement. BRYA
Apis - Burning, shiny, swollen joints with burning pain. APIS
Caulophyllum - Irregular shifting pains in small joints– fingers and toes... CAUL
Causticum - Stiff burning neck, back or joints, foot and toe cramps. CAUS
Ledum pal - Repeat ankle sprains or stiff joint pain, better for cold. LEDM
Rhus tox - #1 for red irritations, stiffness and sprains that improve with motion. RHUT
Ruta grav - #1 sprains, strains and repeated injury traumas, including forms of carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. RUTA
Of course there are even more single options, just type Joints in the word search.