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* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Hyland's ArniSport

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Hyland's ArniSport


Combines first aid relief with cell salt support for a perfect sports remedy. *
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Invisible Fieldset
50 Tablets
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Quick Overview

Hyland’s ArniSport® tablets are a specially formulated for the athlete or weekend warrior. Hyland’s ArniSport® provides 100% natural relief for muscle aches and pains due to strain or injury from overexertion.  Best administered immediately after workout, Hyland’s ArniSport® contains no aspirin, sucrose, dextrose, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or fillers. Like all homeopathic medicines, Hyland’s ArniSport® has no known contraindications or side effects.

Indications for Use: Natural relief for muscle pain and soreness from overexertion.

Arnica Mont - for bruising and muscle soreness
Hypericum Perf - for nerve injuries due to blows
Ruta Grav - for the connective tissues of the body; sprains, twists and shin splints
Ledum Pal - for stitching pains and red, hot inflammations.
Bellis Per - for sprains, swellings and muscular soreness
Hyland’s Bioplasma™ - a combination of biochemic tissue salts that help restore the body’s cellular balance after depletion.

Homeopathic Ingredients Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perfoliatum, Ruta Graveolens, Ledum Palustre, Bellis Perennis, Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph, Ferrum Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Natrum Mur, Natrum Phos, Natrum Sulph, Silicea
Brand Hyland's
Product Type Combination Remedy