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Kali bichromicum

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Kali bichromicum


Sinus & Nasal Congestion• Stubborn Ropy Mucus • Gagging Coughs • Headaches *
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Quick Overview

Kali bichromicum is a master homeopathic remedy for helping break down thick, ropy, sticky, tough, stubborn mucus helps clear away sinus congestion, post nasal drip, hawking, blocked nasal passages, stubborn gagging coughs, plus related stomach distress and migraine-like headaches. If mucus suppressants, spring pollen, or too much beer are in the picture, that’s more evidence that Kali bich could help

Kali bichromicum (potassium bichromate)

Kali bich specializes in mucus membranes of the airways (nose, throat and lungs) and foodways (stomach and bowels), but can relieve a particular pain pattern as well.
     After this cursory review, the details get rather graphic. Beginning with the sinuses, the thick, ropy, yellow to green, sticky, stringy, stubborn, smelly mucus crusts up in the nose and fills the sinuses causing choking post nasal drip, a stubborn cough to clear the throat, hoarseness and pain especially at the root of the nose. As mucus accumulates overnight, morning becomes a torment of blocked nasal passages with stubborn hacking, hawking, gagging and coughing. Once into your chest, the cough can be very stubborn, painful and croupy. These symptoms often include a sore swollen throat that feels dry and the pain may extend to the ears. If sinus medicines have suppressed nasal-sinus symptoms, Kali bich will often loosen up the problem.
     Its sinus headaches and migraine-like pains may come on at the same time every day and start in a specific spot then extend out to one side or the whole head (bones included) depending on the severity of the congestion. They are worse in the morning, at night and for motion. As with Kali mur, a white coated tongue can be a key indicator.
     Its indigestion is often beer related and has empty sour belching. It can lead to vomiting and slimy diarrhea, especially in the morning. Food may sit like a big load and cause cutting pains across the abdomen.
     Kali bich’s sore, stitching, as if bruised, wandering but ‘in one spot’ pains usually come and go suddenly. If these pains occur in weak limbs, painful swollen stiff joints, a sore achilles tendon and certain cases of sciatica (left sided, better walking), Kali bich is likely to bring relief. These same wandering single spot pains apply to its headaches and abdominal distress as well.
     Chilly individuals who are sensitive to cold (especially on the back of the neck), yet cannot take much summer heat are prime targets for Kali bich symptoms. They tend to avoid mental and physical exertion, are sensitive to allergies, and prefer to live an orderly life completely by the rule book. Regardless of the lifestyle, we can all benefit from Kali bich’s cleansing relief when congestion calls for it.

Keynotes Sinus, Sinus pain, post nasal drip, sour belching, gas, thick discharge, mucus, choking cough, cough, hoarseness, gagging cough, croupy cough, sore throat, sinus headaches, migraines, congestion, white coated tongue, pains, wandering pains, stiff joints, joint pain, achilles tendon pain, sciatic pain, abdominal pain
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights From the Experts:
Common traits of all Kali’s: conservative, regular, proper, down to earth. “Lots of emphasis on morality and what is right, what is wrong...Each of them with a slightly different flavour.... [Kali bich] Something gluey about them; carries the properness of the Kali’s a little bit further; goes into details; the perfect bureaucrats” [Morrison]
– Frans Vermeulen’s
Synoptic Materia Medica