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Kali phos

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Kali phos


Nerve Pain • Headaches • Ear Noise • Anxious Nerves • Sadness • Restless Sleep *
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Quick Overview

The cell salt nerve and brain cells depend on most, Kali phos (potassium phosphate), helps nerves recover, relax and regain strength. Kali phos offers balancing, revitalizing support when injury, illness, stress or sadness result in a heavy, yet restless fatigue or loss of nerve power. Its nerve calming or debuzzing relief extends to nervous headaches, backache, sciatica, neuralgia and buzzing in the ears, as well as common stress responses – temper tantrums, sleeplessness, nightmares, hypersensitivity, sadness and gloom.

Kali phos  (potassium phosphate)

The Nerve Nutrient Cell Salt
This universal ‘debuzzer’ for babies, kids and adults, is made from a mineral compound critical to nerve and brain cells (though also in muscles, blood and intercellular fluids). Its many applications for both pain and emotional symptoms has made it one of our best selling single remedies. When loss of nerve power or agitation result from injury, illness, stress or sadness, Kali phos helps nerves recover, relax and regain strength.
     Its pain relief begins with nervous headaches caused by study, stress, grief or nerve injury. Backache, sciatic pain and other nerve pains respond well to Kali phos, especially if they result in weakness and cold heavy-feeling limbs. When pain or stress lead to nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach and bitter belching, Kali phos can be very useful.
    On the emotional plane Kali phos has restorative, calming powers over temper tantrums, pangs of grief and anxiety, hypersensitive nerves, and night terrors. When work, worry, study, stress or illness leave you weary but restless, sad, nervous, gloomy, Kali phos is a worry-free option. This picture may include a dread of what might be coming next, and an inability to get up and do something about it.
    It may be the person’s nature or it may be a temporary state, but the patient who benefits most from Kali phos may be shy, nervous, hypersensitive, weak, easily wearied and sometimes quite pessimistic. Other symptoms include nightmares, sleeplessness, buzzing or ringing in the ears and cravings for sweets and ice water.
    While it is easy to forget that mental/emotional symptoms can be directly related to physical and nutritional imbalances, Kali phos offers a good reminder of just how chemical sadness and restlessness can be.

Keynotes Nerve Pain, Nerves, Headaches, Ear Noise, Anxious Nerves, Anxiety, Sadness, Restless Sleep, Sleeplessness, Buzzing, Ringing, Stress, grief, gloomy, backache, sciatica, neuralgia, temper tantrums, nightmares, hypersensitivity
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy
Insight from the Experts:
After recommending Kali phos for all ages, Dr. Chapman suggests it can be particularly helpful in school children displaying typical Kali phos symptoms such as “fretfulness, ill-humor, bashfulness, timidity, laziness and similar indications; indeed, any display of what is sometimes described as “tantrums” may be regarded as a Kali Phos symptom.” –Dr. Chapman, The Biochemic Handbook