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Kali sulph

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Kali sulph


Colds & Congestions • Skin Issues • Yellow Mucus/Discharges • Indigestion • Joint Pain *
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Quick Overview

Without potassium sulphate, systems stagnate, thus this natural cell salt’s cleansing applications include many conditions with yellow mucus including colds, croupy coughs, sinus or ear congestions, vaginal irritation or diarrhea, as well as skin conditions such as yellow flaky dandruff, skin eruptions or itchy rashes. Other symptoms that suggest a need for Kali sulph include a yellowish coating on the tongue, a sensitivity to heat, shifting joint pains, acute wheezy bronchial irritation, and heavy fatigue with a stuffy or boxed-in feeling.

Kali sulph (potassium sulphate)
 This tissue salt’s source is potassium sulphate, a crucial part of our skin, mucus membranes and respiratory systems. Potassium sulphate’s most important job is being the ‘oxygen carrier’ that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the iron in our blood and from the blood to the tissue cells. Without it, systems stagnate. Deficiencies are first felt as heavy weariness with chills, and first seen in the skin and mucus membranes in the form of yellow mucus or yellowish discharges.
    As with most remedies with ‘sulph’ in their names, Kali sulph’s leading indicator is yellow, especially a yellowish coating on the tongue, profuse thin or sticky yellow mucus, yellow vaginal discharge, yellow diarrhea and yellow skin issues. When mucus is yellow, Kali sulph helps clean out colds, rattling croupy coughs, ear congestion, sinus symptoms, sticky eyes and acute wheezing cough.
     Now for the skin. When potassium sulphate is deficient, base skin layers develop more slowly, upper layers dry out and flake off as dandruff or form scaly yellow patches or itchy burning eruptions or sores. Fortunately, all these conditions can count on Kali sulph for healing support.
    As its source helps the body lubricate joints, Kali sulph can relieve shifting, wandering pains in stiff or inflamed joints, especially in hips and legs. These pains tend to be worse for heat even though the patients’ feet are usually cold.  
    When in a Kali sulph state, the individual often complains of a stuffy or boxed-in feeling that improves with fresh air and worsens with heat. They get irritable, anxious, hurried, especially if hot. Everything feels worse in the evening, but better with a walk in cool open air. If your troubles begin when spring turns too quickly into summer, or after going from air conditioning to hot summer air, Kali sulph is even more apt to bring needed relief.

Keynotes colds, croupy coughs, sinus, sinus pain, ear congestion, ear pain, vaginal irritation, diarrhea, dandruff, skin eruptions, rashes, yellow, yellow coated tongue, joint pain, inflamed joints, wheezing cough, sticky eyes, bronchial irritation, fatigue
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts
Kali sulph is under-prescribed despite the fact that there are many clear indications for its use. It has often been stressed that Potassium Sulphate is found abundantly in the flower of Pulsatilla and that this may explain the great similarity of the two remedies. Kali sulphuricum is often called “an irritable Pulsatilla” (though Pulsatilla can be irritable enough!)....
The personality of Kali sulph is soft and rather timid like Pulsatilla but with an unexpected harshness or irritability underneath. The patient may complain about lack of self-confidence, ennui... He is also conservative and anxious to follow rules to the smallest detail, as is true of most of the Kali salts. –Roger Morrison, Desktop Guide