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Ledum pal

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Ledum pal


Puncture Wounds • Old Bruises • Sore Feet • Minor Joint Pains & Repeat Sprains *
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Invisible Fieldset
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6x 500 Tablets $12.00
30x 500 Tablets $12.00
30c 160 Pellets $9.99
200c 160 Pellets $9.99

Quick Overview

What do puncture wounds, sore feet and yellowed bruises have in common? They all need Ledum’s uncanny ability to help us heal from the deepest point out. It's skin symptoms include minor cuts, lacerations and insect bites, itchy feet and ankles, and red pimples on the forehead, as well as punctures. Ledum also helps weak ankles, repeat sprains and pains in irritated joints that start in the soles of the feet and move upward. If area is cold to the touch and feels better with applied cold, that’s Ledum, i.e. if putting your cold sore feet in cold water sounds appealing, go for it. Please Note: It would be unwise to put off a tetanus shot or professional attention for wounds, no matter what.

Ledum pal (wild rosemary)


More Details:

Ledum's uncanny ability to heal tissues carefully from the deepest point and working up to the surface makes it a perfect first aid remedy for puncture wounds (including needle pricks), lacerations (especially hands and feet) and insect stings or rashes. In such wounds, it promotes faster healing. It also has a knack for healing old yellowed bruises. Similar applications for Ledum include: itching feet and ankles that become much worse for scratching or heat; red pimples on the forehead and cheeks; and rashes with red spots.

     Like Ruta, Ledum can help repeated ankle sprains and joint pain, but Ledum’s pains tend to begin in the feet or ankles and move up and are particularly painful in the soles of the feet, big toe or heel and other small joints.  

    Ledum’s joints, punctures, sores and bruises, often feel cold to the touch, but they feel better with cold applications and worse for heat, in a warm bed, for movement, walking, or touch and for drinking alcohol.     

    Though its physical applications are its fame, Ledum has a constitutional side as well– whether temporary from illness or a typical pattern. These include: ill humored, anger capable of raging, dislike of human company, capable of hatred, timid with desire to be alone. If undermined by alcohol, give Ledum an extra point.

Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts
"Although Ledum types are chilly, and although the painful part may feel cold (internally and externally), the pains are actually relieved by cold compresses or by being bathed in cold water."
- Miranda Castro Complete Homeopathy Handbook

On Comparison:
Ledum vs Calendula
The reason you use Ledum for puncture wounds and Calendula topicals for abrasions and exposed cuts is that Ledum heals from the bottom up and Calendula mends surfaces quickly and minimizes scarring. Calendula on a puncture could lock things inside, so apply when only surfaces need mending.

Ledum vs Apis
For insect bites, if the area is red, swollen and burns, go straight to Apis, but if mildly red, puffy and cold to the touch, Ledum should keep it in check.