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* The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Sleep #173

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Sleep #173


Are you ever too excited, happy, sad or tired to sleep? Try nature’s dream inducer.. *
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500 Tablets
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Quick Overview

A simple plan for occasional sleeplessness: put three #173 tablets under your tongue, take a few deep breaths, remind yourself that you’ll have plenty of time to worry tomorrow and enjoy your dreams. Occasional sleeplessness is a sign that the body’s signals are crossed. This special formula combines three of the simplest ingredients for helping our nervous systems figure out how to relax and get the sleep we need ASAP. No induced grogginess or risk of habituation makes Sleep #173 an easy choice when your dreams need a little encouragement.

Not a sedative, not addictive, safe for kids (over 2 years old) and adults alike. The three singles remedies in this combination have calming applications that can ease nervous, excited, tired, stressed out nerves so you can sleep, naturally.
• Avena sativa - The remedy derived from the common oat helps nerves that feel ‘too tired to sleep’ after a day of mental exertion or worry, or when drained by illness, fatigue or alcohol consumption.
• Kali phos - The nervous system nutrient cell salt helps the body find calm composure when over-stressed, restless, emotional or in pain.
• Passiflora - Though its name is passionflower, this remedy is known for its ability to bring on sweet dreams when the day’s passions are past.
So take Sleep #173, remind yourself you will have plenty of time to worry tomorrow, and get the rest you need.
If your sleeplessness is not an occasional happening, a little guidance from a healthcare practitioner is well-advised.


Homeopathic Ingredients: Avena sat, Kali phos, Passiflora

Homeopathic Ingredients Avena sat, Kali phos, Passiflora
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy