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* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Nervous Tension - Tissue P

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Nervous Tension - Tissue P


Emotional and physical stress relief to support all ages and challenges. *
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500 Tablets
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Quick Overview

Originally designed with the idea of giving pregnant women and babies fundamental support, the result is a gentle revitalizing tissue combination for stresses both physical and mental in all stages of life. Its basic cell salts offer cells support for what they need to grow and mend tissues as well as to relieve tension, fatigue, growth spurts, cramps and daily stress.

Whether the stress results from mental strain (sadness, anger, work, study, tests, deadlines, pressures, occasional, sleeplessness...) or physical strain (pain, illness, growth, convalescence, pregnancy), this remedy offers balancing vitality and healing support that is safe for all ages and stages.
• Kali phos - The nerve nutrient of cell salts can ease physically or emotionally stressed nervous systems whether the result is pain, agitation or sadness.
• Calc fluor - This cell salts gives tissues structural support and bounce-back-ability.
• Calc phos - The growth and repair cell salt offers strength and relief to cells trying to grow, convalesce or keep up with daily repairs. It can be especially apt for kids to relieve study headaches, simple pains and periods of discontentment.
• Mag phos - This very relaxing anti-spasmodic cell salt can be called on whenever stress or pain causes tension, cramps or cramping pain.

Safe, natural, relaxing relief that you can call on anytime without any concern for groggy side effects, habituation or conflict with other treatments and medications. Because they are made from minerals critical to our cells, cells salts provide the gentlest, most straightforward way to restore balance, health and vitality.

FYI: Our cell salt indications are courtesy of Scheusssler’s Biochemistry and various Materia Medica texts.

Homeopathic Ingredients Calcarea fluor, Calcarea phos, Kali phos, Magnesium phos
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Combination Remedy