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2 processed foods to avoid

April 17, 2015
These items, some even parts of our favorite meals, may contain chemicals whose long-term effects on the body have not yet been studied.

Fitness trend: Crossfit

April 17, 2015
If you've seen any fitness magazines lately or walked around a big city, you've likely seen commercials and gyms dedicated to crossfit.

3 things allergy sufferers should have on hand

April 17, 2015
Keep tissues, eye drops and a weather application with you wherever you go to help prevent and treat your allergy symptoms.

Tips for dealing with hayfever

March 31, 2015
Instead of letting your allergies rule you, take control of your symptoms this season with these tips:

Common causes of constipation

March 31, 2015
Constipation can be caused by health issues, poor diet and even certain medications.

Do you have hearing loss?

March 31, 2015
Many people will experience some degree of hearing loss over the course of their lives. Here are some ways to tell if you have hearing loss.

How sleep positions affect your health.

March 17, 2015
How sleep positions have an effect on both your quality of rest and the status of your overall health.

You're sick: Should you workout?

March 15, 2015
Ask yourself these questions to figure out if you should skip the gym and work out at home or forego exercise altogether.

The dangers of carbon monoxide

March 10, 2015
Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a gas that can be found in and around your home. This odorless, colorless substance can be poisonous. Learn about how you can protect your family here.

Tips for improving your memory

March 9, 2015
From getting milk at the store to recalling people's names, becoming forgetful can really interrupt your life. Here are some tips to improve your memory skills.
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