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The top three coolest holistic professions

May 31, 2012
Whether you're trying to decide what you would like to study in school or you're looking to make a career change, consider one of the many professions centered around holistic medicine. It's safe to say that if you take or you're interested in taking homeopathic remedies, you're familiar with the wide-ranging benefits of natural healing. Help others understand the importance of using natural remedies to relieve illness and improve overall health. You could play a major role in helping a person live a full, happy and healthy life by pursuing a career in a holistically-centered profession.

1. Chiropractor - To become a chiropractor, one must complete a 4-year chiropractic (DC) degree program that teaches students how to use the musculoskeletal system to treat a patient. Using spinal manipulation, a chiropractor may help with a variety of problems that includes neck pain, headaches, incontinence and high blood pressure.

2. Holistic Health Practitioner -  A doctor who uses methods to treat a whole person, as opposed to just a single affected area, is a holistic health practitioner. Natural Healers, a resource for people interested in holistic health education, notes a practitioner will consider a patient's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state while diagnosing and prescribing treatment.

3. Holistic Nursing - According to the New York College of Health Professionals, holistic nursing uses a highly effective system of manipulation to balance how energy moves through the body. By helping the energy become balanced, nurses help patients achieve their optimum levels of health. Check out the American Holistic Nurses Association website for more information on this exciting career.

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