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Tips for improving your memory

March 9, 2015

Some people are born with trouble remembering things and others find that they are losing this important skill as they age. It can be scary when you realize you no longer remember simple things that weren't a problem before. From getting milk at the store to recalling people's names, becoming forgetful can really interrupt your life. Here are some tips for improving your memory skills:

Get organized
If your house is a mess of sticky notes, you will likely forget things like your grocery list or that play date you scheduled weeks ago. Gather all your important reminders and dates into one place so you can easily double-check something if necessary. Keeping your physical space clutter-free helps to limit distractions and promote better focus and clarity, which improves memory.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Remember that time you got the math problem right in high school? If you do, it's probably because you screwed up a few times before doing it correctly. Similar to why we remember particularly embarrassing events in such great detail, we are much more likely to recall something if it was a mistake. If you are trying to remember someone's name, don't be afraid to make a guess if you have any clue. You may know the first letter or last syllable. If you guess "Sam" and their name was actually "Cam" you will have a better chance of remembering later because you messed up and want to be correct.

Get some sleep
Have you ever gone to work on little sleep and found that you had a hard time remembering your to-do list or even missed a meeting because you forgot about it? According to the Mayo Clinic, sleep helps you to consolidate your memories and allows you to recall them later on. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep every day so your brain is at peak functioning.


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