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Eastern solutions to muscle aches 

March 4, 2013

People who begin a workout routine after years of being inactive may experience some muscle pain. Similarly, individuals who exercise too vigorously may find themselves with a sore body the next day. While some people may simply pop an aspirin to make themselves feel better, they should know that there are also natural ways to relieve muscle aches. 

For example, Shape magazine recommends trying acupressure to relieve muscle pain. According to the news source, this needle-free form of acupuncture is a simple way to get immediate results. 

"Using fingers or a tool to apply firm pressure to energy points of the body balances circulation and stimulates the body's natural healing abilities" Lisa Alvarez, co-founder of Healing Foundations, an Oriental medicine practice, told the news source. 

Shape also recommends that people who want to relive muscle pain try Reiki, a form of touch therapy. This treatment is perfect for people who are a little squeamish about lying naked on a massage table and are nervous about getting a full massage from strangers, since Reiki is performed on people while they are fully clothed and requires far less touching. A practitioner places their hands on or slightly above areas of the body where pain is being experienced, focusing on the seven chakras that run from the crown of the head to the end of the spine. 

According to, the main idea behind this concept is that there is an unseen energy that flows through everyone that can be enhanced with the help of a practitioner. This techniques is both simple and safe, so there's little risk in trying. 

Finally, cupping is a practice that has growing in popularity recently that may help reduce muscle tension. Cupping involves placing 1- to 3-inch glass or plastic cups on the body, creating a vacuum. The idea is that the cups can extract toxins by increasing blood flow to the muscle.


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