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How does diet affect stress? 

March 6, 2013

Diet can have a major impact on every aspect of a person's life - including how much stress they have in it. There are many homeopathic remedies that can help reduce stress such as acupuncture and massage, but they won't be effective if an individual has a poor diet. 

For example, Marie Claire magazine states that processed foods such as white breads may deplete the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body, increasing a person's risk of experiencing stress. Furthermore, the magazine spoke to celebrity trainer James Duigan who said that sweets may also leave an individual feeling stressed out. 

"Studies show that foods high in 'bad fats' (burgers, chips, kebabs, etc.) lower your concentration levels and increase your stress levels," Duigan told Marie Claire magazine. "Hence the tired and jittery feeling you get after eating greasy foods." 

Luckily, there are also foods that have been shown to help combat stress. For example, Women's Health magazine states almonds, pistachios and walnuts are all packed with vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system, and vitamin B, which may help keep the body from succumbing to the effects of stress. Also, the news source stated that stress often makes people turn to high-fat foods to find relief, but this can be damaging to the body.

The next time people crave high-fat snacks, the magazine recommends having an avocado instead, which contains healthy unsaturated fats rather than the unhealthy kinds present in most processed foods. 

Finally, a glass of milk is packed with important vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and calcium and according to Women's Health, calcium may help reduce muscle spasms and relieve tension. Clearly, there are many healthy treats to turn to when stress appears, and people should turn to these before reaching for junk food. 


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