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* The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Homeopathic Medicine at Home

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Homeopathic Medicine at Home


Friendly guide book offers safe effective applicaitons for treating common ailments. *
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From the Back Cover:

“Finally, a sensible substantial book about homeopathy. I’ve been using it in my family for years and have hoped that someone would write just this kind of common sense introduction.... With this book you can understand the principles, order your own remedies, and test the results.”
James Fadiman Ph.D.
Co-Evolution Quarterly

“...a consumers’ guide to treating minor ailments without drugs...”
New York Times

“This is both a general introduction to and a manual of homeopathy...illustrated by examples from Panos’ practice and clear enough for a novice to follow.”
Kirkus Reviews

Ideal for beginners, and handy for every other level of interest in homeopathy for self care. This practical guide book introduces the principles of homeopathy, explains its practice and offers detailed lists of the remedies that best apply to a wide range of common ailments. It was among the first books to teach homeopathy for self care and is still one of the very best. By Maesimund Panos, MD and Jane Heimlich

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